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  1. the environment
    New Yorkers Can Now Compost ThemselvesNew York is now the sixth state to legalize human composting, which is one of several emerging green burial methods.
  2. dongles dongles dongles
    It Sure Feels Like the Headphone Jack Is DeadSamsung, the last major holdout among smartphone makers, finally gives in.
  3. memes
    Grumpy Cat Has DiedThe viral cat rose to fame from a Reddit post in 2012.
  4. death
    Tumblr’s Most Evergreen Meme Has Always Been Its Own DeathThe site’s been dying for years. It’ll keep dying forever.
  5. select all
    Facebook Shuts Down TBH, Which You’re Only Just Now RememberingFacebook snuffs out another competitor.
  6. select all
    Hot New Start-up Guarantees Its Users Will DieLook, it’s gonna happen anyway.
  7. select all
    Twitter Is Discontinuing VineTwitter is discontinuing the once-popular video-sharing app.
  8. Ancient Viral Lobster Killed in Pathetic Attempt to Save ItRest in peace, Larry. We will never forget.
  9. Chill 75-Year-Old’s Obituary Includes EmojiRIP.
  10. The Secret Behind Facebook’s Trending Topics BarThe deadpan summaries are written by people acting as algorithms.
  11. select all
    The Xbox 360 Perfectly Encapsulated the Last Decade of Home EntertainmentOne box grew to perform many tasks.
  12. good things
    DHS Won’t Force Tourists From Ebola-Stricken Countries to Go HomeThey’ll be allowed to stay for 18 months.
  13. More Than 5,160 Dead From Ebola OutbreakStill no end in sight.
  14. six feet under
    S&M Model Has Two Dead Boyfriends, Might Be CursedJade Vixen leads a very strange life.
  15. awful things
    Dead Bus Driver Went Unnoticed for Five Hours at Port AuthorityHis bus was idling.
  16. scary things
    Wall Street Exec Plunges to Death From Upper East Side WindowSTAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS, people!
  17. segway to disaster
    Segway Company Owner Loved His Device So Much He Drove It Off a CliffAnd died.
  18. health
    Men Hate Vegetables and Die EarlierMore than nine out of ten New York City men didn’t listen to their mothers at the dinner table.
  19. for sale
    Tombstone for SaleWould this work as a quirky household item for your apartment?
  20. death and taxes
    Facebook’s Latest Dilemma: The Active Pages of the DeceasedWhat should the company do with the increasing number of left-behind profiles?
  21. comings and goings
    Robert Byrd, Longest-Serving Senator in American History, Has DiedThe West Virginian had served in the Senate since 1959.
  22. weird things
    Koppel’s Son Had Heroin, Cocaine, and Prescription Drugs in System at Time of DeathThis contradicts the story of his accidental binge death as told by the only two witnesses.
  23. rich people
    Rich People Are Waiting Until the Ball Drops to DieThe estate tax disappears for one year starting January 1.
  24. obits
    William Safire, Columnist and Speechwriter, Has DiedPulitzer Prize winner succumbs to cancer at 77.
  25. obits
    Late Anchor Tim Russert’s Father, ‘Big Russ,’ Has DiedThe elder Russert provided inspiration for his son’s memoir.
  26. fascination with the macabre
    2009 Is Officially the Summer of Death™If it feels like famous folk have been dropping like flies this summer, it’s because they have been — more than any other summer in recent history, it turns out. Research turns up grim facts.
  27. the (second) most important people in the world
    The Eclipsed Celebrity Death ClubRemembering Farrah Fawcett and other stars who had the misfortune of dying on the same day as someone more famous.
  28. the joys of parenting
    Chris Buckley Talked About His Parents AgainAnd we read all ten pages of it. Again.
  29. sad things
    Braden Keil, NewYork Post Real-estate Columnist, Has DiedThis is sad.
  30. Home Births in New York: Why?An unnatural trend toward naturalness is sweeping New York.
  31. accidents
    Another Construction-Worker DeathThis time it was a worker at a tower on 41st Street and Eleventh Avenue. It’s unclear why the scaffolding gave way, but the result was a deadly plunge of 40 stories.
  32. in other news
    Beth Israel Doctor Dies After Seventeen-Story FallIn what police are calling a suicide, Douglas Meyer, 44, was found dead this morning.
  33. in other news
    Ayveq the Masturbating Walrus: Dead at FourteenThe Coney Island legend has passed on to the great walrus playground in the sky.
  34. in other news
    Alistair Cooke Body-Part Snatcher Found GuiltyThis is the part where we ruin your coffee break AND your lunch!
  35. in other news
    Martha Stewart’s Dog DiedThe domestic diva creatively mourns in a long blog post, and we love her for it.
  36. in other news
    Another Grim Chapter in Long Island Family’s SagaOn Wednesday night, Frederick John Handler, 57, was found dead by a neighbor in front of his home on his family compound, the Point, on the Gold Coast of Long Island. Handler’s death is the latest in a string of tragedies to befall his family, who have feuded for years over the estate, a 21-acre spread that includes a vineyard, lily pond, tennis and squash courts, a horse paddock, a greenhouse, and formal gardens that is believed to have inspired Jay Gatsby’s home in The Great Gatsby. “It was rather idyllic, but a fool’s paradise as it turned out,” Handler’s mother, Marjorie Brickman Kern, told the New York Times last year. Kern, whose father, Herman Brickman, built the compound in 1951 and her son Russell were involved in a bitter legal battle with John Handler: They alleged he had tricked his mother into selling him her 22-percent share of the estate and put the family $1.7 million into debt. The dispute dragged on for over a decade. “My father’s intent was that we all live in great harmony in a beautiful setting,” Kern told the Times ten years ago. But then “avarice and greed took over.” Also, apparently, really bad luck.
  37. in other news
    Heath Ledger: To Belabor or Not to Belabor?Those of you who, like us, watch Anderson Cooper 360 religiously, probably noticed last night that Manderson didn’t have much in the way of Heath Ledger coverage. While many other news outlets were repeating the same information over and over, he decided to focus on other things. He explained this decision on his blog last night: [Ledger’s] shocking death is clearly a story a lot of people are interested in, but tonight we will not be reporting more on it. The truth is there is not really anything new to report. The full results of the various tests done on Mr. Ledger will not be ready for perhaps a few weeks and there is very little new information. I have no doubt other networks will spend a lot of time tonight discussing his death and the various rumors about what might have caused it, but I am not a fan of speculation, so unless there is something really new to discuss we probably won’t be covering it anymore anytime soon. Wow, that makes sense (unless, like us, you are covering the coverage). Frankly, it’s a sober, levelheaded choice to make when deciding how to handle Ledger’s death. But it’s certainly not the only one. In fact, we were just watching Fox News and heard this teaser for Bill O’Reilly’s show later today: “ON THE O’REILLY FACTOR: DO AMERICANS CARE MORE ABOUT THE LIVES OF CELEBRITIES THAN THE LIVES OF OUR TROOPS?” Mmm. Anderson’s View: Heath Ledger coverage [CNN] Earlier: Heath Ledger Posts
  38. the morning line
    WMD Found — in Midtown • A soda-size can of phosgene, the deadly chemical Saddam used to kill countless Kurds in the eighties, was discovered stashed away in a U.N. office yesterday, but no one has any idea how it got there after weapons inspectors brought it back from Iraq in the mid-nineties. Reassuring. [NYT]
  39. cultural capital
    Hilly Kristal’s Last Interview Hilly Kristal went to the emergency room at New York-Presbyterian last month with a cancer complication. The CBGB founder was admitted to the hospital, and the next morning he spoke to New York contributor Arianne Cohen from his hospital bed. Kristal’s long, rambling, reflective discourse may have been his last interview: I was always in very good health. And I think anybody looks forward to living forever. Unfortunately, I found out I have cancer. So, some of the things I looked forward to, some of the adventurous things, I can’t do. I can’t climb Mt. Everest no matter how much time I have. I can’t walk the Rockies. There are a lot of things I can’t do because I’m not physically able. Unfortunately that’s how it is. I’m 75; when I was 73, I was in wonderful health. But I think I’ll be all right. I’m trying to read a lot more. It doesn’t take that much energy to read.
  40. vulture
    RIP Hilly Kristal Hilly Kristal, like his legendary East Village rock club, CBGB, is dead; he succumbed to lung cancer this morning at the age of 75. But, thanks to the magic of recordings and photos and video and especially YouTube, Kristal, like CBGB, will live on. Our colleagues at Vulture dug up a YouTube clip of the Ramones at CBGB in 1977, and they present it as a tribute to Kristal, his club, and the bands he nurtured in its heyday. Take a look. CBGB Founder Hilly Kristal Dies at 75 [Vulture] Hilly Kristal, Founder of CBGB, Is Dead [NYT]
  41. obit
    Leona Helmsley Dies at 87 The Queen is dead. Leona Helmsley, the real-estate magnate and hotelier dubbed the Queen of Mean, died of heart failure today at her home in Greenwich, Connecticut. She was 87. She was famously convicted on tax-evasion charges in 1989, after a trial in which a former maid testified that Helmsley had told her that “only the little people pay taxes.” In October 1988, before that trial started, Jeanie Kasindorf profiled Leona and Harry Helmsley — spouses, business partners, co-indictees — for New York, finding a couple whose lives centered around making every dollar they could. Leona and Harry: Money and Love [NYM, PDF] Leona Helmsley Is Dead at 87 [City Room/NYT]
  42. today in astor-ia
    Live-Blogging Mrs. Astor’s FuneralWe’ve just learned that St. Thomas Church has live audio feeds for many of its major events, which you can tune into here. Which means, you guessed it — death-blogging! We’ll sit here and listen to all of the action at Brooke Astor’s funeral, so you don’t have to. Expected guests include luminaries like Martha Stewart, Walter Cronkite, Annette de la Renta, and various senators and socialites. We’ll do our best to identify them by their muffled coughs (or in Cronkite’s case, his irritated hack).
  43. today in astor-ia
    How the Other Half Dies The Times yesterday posted actual images of Brooke Astor’s now-to-be-contested will, so we can have a bit of fun. The biggest and most entertaining details have been out there before — some sculptures for some Rockefellers, a few hundred grand for an azalea garden in Maine — but there is still an embarrassment of riches in the actual text itself. After the jump, a post-mortem look at how the other half lives and contemplates death. (We bolded the parts we think are just chahming.)
  44. in other news
    The Astor Estate: Let’s Get Ready to RumbleEvery new beginning, as they say, comes from some other beginning’s end, and from Brooke Astor’s death yesterday comes a new beginning that’s just getting warmed up: the fight over her fortune, estimated at $130 million. Astor’s son, Anthony Marshall, who last year was accused by his son of neglecting her and subsequently agreed to return $11 million, claims he shared her final moments, and according to his wife, even “cradled her in his arms.” But the Daily News quotes a source who says he wasn’t even there. And the Post jumps on the bandwagon, too, finding sources who say that a handwriting expert found a forged signature on a recent codicil to her will. They also claim the Manhattan District Attorney’s office is considering tax-fraud charges against Marshall. In other words, it’s just as we all suspected: The only parties set to benefit more than her heirs are the tabloids.
  45. the morning line
    Std Clr of Clsg Dors, Pls • In the wake of the Great Subway Flood, city-council members are demanding that the MTA spend some $300 million to provide cell service on subway platforms — so that the transit agency can send riders jumbled, unintelligible text messages in the event of delays. [Metro NY]
  46. the morning line
    756* • Juror Bloomberg is back at his day job — and he’s brokered a deal with Albany that will require more developers in more neighborhoods to include low-income housing in their projects. Spitzer’s likely to sign. [NYT]
  47. the morning line
    Death at NYU • The daughter of two prominent NYU professors was discovered dead in a university-owned apartment in Washington Square Village. If it’s a homicide, expect it on Law & Order when the new season starts. [amNY]
  48. the morning line
    Bruno’s Turn • With the Spitzer camp circling the wagons, it’s Joe Bruno’s hour, and he’s taking full advantage of it: The State Senate leader called for multiple investigations into the administration, vowing, “This is not going to go away.” [NYP]
  49. vulture
    Beverly Sills Has SungBeverly Sills, the Brooklyn gal born Belle Silverman, died of cancer yesterday at 78. She was a quintessentially American diva — a quin- tessentially New York diva, even — who bridged the high and low worlds of grand opera and American pop culture as a charismatic broad who could get things done. New York’s Christopher Bonanos offers an appreciation at Vulture. Beverly Sills Dies at 78 [Vulture]
  50. in other news
    Brooke Astor Never Promised You an Azalea GardenSunday’s Times brought a detailed look at Brooke Astor’s last will and testament, the “dark center of a legal battle” between her son Anthony and her grandson Philip. The article doesn’t specify how this center came to be so well illuminated — a “party” involved in the case has furnished the Gray Lady with a copy, we’re breezily informed in the story’s eleventh paragraph. The timing of the leak seems to be tied to Brooke Astor’s frail health — she is now 105 and in what the Times terms a “final decline.” So, not to be crass, but, um, who’s getting what? There’s no particular surprise as to where the lion’s share goes: to Anthony, who has redirected a bulk of the Astor fortune to himself in three controversial amendments to the 2002 document. There are, however, some pretty whimsical allotments on tap. David Rockefeller gets something! So does his (dead) brother Laurance! And NYU! And a garden. An itemization, after the jump.
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