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  1. royals
    Queen Elizabeth Was the First Monarch We Thought We KnewCrowned at the dawn of the TV age, she was defined by her distance as much as her ubiquity.
  2. Roger Ailes, Fox News Mastermind, Dead at 77He is survived by a wife, a son, and nation ruled by a reality star his network helped elect.
  3. Climate Change Could Kill Half a Million by 2050The world will have less to eat.
  4. Former U.N. Chief Boutros Boutros-Ghali Dead at 93He was the first United Nations secretary-general from Africa. 
  5. deaths
    Exact Cause of Scalia’s Death Still Unclear His family didn’t want an autopsy performed.
  6. antonin scalia
    Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dead at 79The conservative legend, who apparently died in his sleep, had served on the Court since 1986.
  7. Vincent ‘Buddy’ Cianci Dead at 74He was quite a guy.
  8. deaths
    Mathematician John Nash and Wife Killed in CrashThe Nobel Prize winner, who had famously overcome a debilitating mental illness, had just received yet another award for his work.
  9. Falling Plywood Kills Woman in Greenwich VillageThe wood blew off of a construction site.
  10. Cardinal Edward Egan Has DiedThe former Archbishop of New York was 82.
  11. deaths
    Bernie Madoff’s Other Son Has Died at 48The scandal, Andrew Madoff said last year, is “killing me slowly.”
  12. freak accidents
    Brooklyn Car Wash Turns Deadly in Freak-Accident Chain ReactionOvertones of Final Destination.
  13. crimes and misdemeanors
    Baruch Fraternity Chapter With Body Count Is No MoreNational frat severs ties.
  14. deaths
    Hitler’s Still-Faithful Bodyguard Dead at 96He insisted he didn’t know about the Holocaust.
  15. crimes and misdemeanors
    Ariel Castro Found Dead, Hanging in His CellHe was in a cell by himself.
  16. unfortunately effective security measures
    Albany Man Killed by His Own Pot-Plant Booby TrapIn the only way he could be.
  17. deaths
    The Editor of Metro U.S. Has DiedTony Metcalf had colon cancer.
  18. tragedies
    Brooklyn High School Field Trip Ends TragicallyA student wandered off and drowned.
  19. hurricane sandy
    Hurricane Sandy’s Death Toll Is Still ClimbingA 44th victim announced on Monday.
  20. deaths
    Journalist Michael Hastings, Who Profiled Stanley McChrystal, Has DiedColleagues say he was “fearless.”
  21. stand clear of the closing doors
    People Spent Entirely Too Much Time on the Subway Tracks This WeekendThat is to say, any at all.
  22. very sad things
    Ex-Columbia Student Found Dead in Dorm RoomPolice suspect a drug overdose.
  23. hurricane sandy
    Hurricane Sandy’s Death Toll Nears 100Within a 65-mile radius of New York City.
  24. scary things
    5-Hour Energy Joins the Drinks-That-May-Kill-You ClubSecond time in a month for energy drinks.
  25. scary things
    Monster Energy Drink Should Probably Stop Calling Itself ‘Killer’The energy drink has been linked to five deaths.
  26. sad things
    Former Wall Street Trader Appears to Poison Himself After ConvictionMichael Marin then collapsed in the courtroom and later died.
  27. Rodney King Dies at 47Cause unknown so far.
  28. deaths
    Man’s Body Found Near Kentucky Derby StablesThe victim is 48-year-old Guatemalan Adan Fabian Perez.
  29. sad news
    Seven Killed in Van Crash at Bronx Zoo [Updated]The victims include three children.
  30. chuck colson
    Nixon’s Hatchet Man Dies at 80Political strategist turned minister Chuck Colson authored both the enemies list and the autobiography Born Again
  31. mike wallace
    Mike Wallace Dies at 93The longtime host of ‘60 Minutes’ was known for his aggressive approach to TV news. 
  32. investigations
    Death of French Academic Still a MysteryThe prominent university director was found dead in a Manhattan hotel room on Tuesday.
  33. French University Director Richard Descoings Found Dead in Manhattan HotelInvestigators have not determined whether foul play was involved.
  34. neighborhood news
    The Subway Is More Dangerous Than EverLast year, deaths on the tracks jumped 15 percent.
  35. Kim Jong-Il Is Dead at 69We will certainly miss him.
  36. r.i.p.
    Dorothy Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s Mother, Passed AwayShe was 92.
  37. steve jobs
    Steve Jobs Has Died [Updated]At the age of 56.
  38. sad things
    Rodent Virus Kills Chiropractor in MontaukThis is sad.
  39. sad things
    Uncle Leo Now Shouting ‘Hello!’ at Angels, in HeavenLen Lesser (Uncle Leo’s real-life name) has died.
  40. j. paul getty iii
    Oil Heir J. Paul Getty III DiesThe heir to the Getty oil fortune was 54.
  41. sad news
    Brooklyn Tortilla Factory Worker Dies in Mixer AccidentThe factory has no history of OSHA violations.
  42. sad things
    Jack LaLanne Shall Shame Us With His Old-Man Energy No LongerThe fitness pioneer is dead at 96.
  43. special victims
    Report: Autopsy of Sylvie Cachay InconclusiveSylvie Cachay’s parents are convinced of foul play.
  44. sad things
    Elizabeth Edwards DiesThe social advocate and presidential candidate’s wife succumbed to cancer at 61.
  45. princess chunk
    RIP Princess ChunkHe shone briefly, but boy did he shine bright.
  46. traffic
    More New Yorkers Are Killed at Signaled Intersections Doing the Right Thing Than Anything ElseClassic.
  47. sad things
    Former Congressman Charlie Wilson Has Passed AwayWilson recently played by Tom Hanks on screen.
  48. obits
    Oral Roberts Has DiedThe Lord has called the television evangelist home.
  49. made-off
    Dead Madoff Buddy Gives $200 Million to WifeMaybe that money should go to the people it was stolen from?
  50. made-off
    Madoff Associate Found Dead in Swimming PoolJeffry Picower was accused of reaping $7 billion from Madoff’s scheme.
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