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  1. the circus
    Frank Rich on the National Circus: The Shutdown Won’t Kill the Radical RightThis anti-government insurgency is 200 years old.
  2. fix the debt
    Why Doesn’t Fix the Debt Try to Do Something About the Debt Ceiling?They have the apparatus. All they need is the go-ahead.
  3. debtpocalypse
    The SEC Is Looking Into Possible Insider Trading on the Credit DowngradeUh-oh.
  4. 2012
    Mitt Romney Used Tax Hike to Convince S&P to Raise State Credit RatingHe closed tax loopholes, too.
  5. debtpocalypse
    Wall Street Crashes, London Burns: Frank Rich and Adam Moss Discuss Downgrades, Riots, and the Portents of McQueenPanic, anger, and dread.
  6. loud and clear
    Report: There’s a Plane Flying Above Lower Manhattan With a Message to Standard & Poor’s“THANKS FOR THE DOWNGRADE. YOU SHOULD ALL BE FIRED.”
  7. video
    Video: News Anchors Warn ‘Whatever You Do in Reaction to S&P’s Downgrade, Do Not Panic’Despite some rather panic-inducing financial news.
  8. debtpocalypse
    Markets Open Without Crashing EntirelyToday’s going to be a bumpy day.
  9. debtpocalypse
    Moody’s Warns of Possible DowngradeAnother credit-rating agency threatens to remove an “A.”
  10. debtpocalypse
    Living in a Post-Downgrade WorldThe S&P defends itself and warns of further downgrades.
  11. debtpocalypse
    S&P Strips U.S. of AAA Credit Rating, Slams Political GridlockTranslation: We don’t trust the government not to do something crazy.