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Declaration Of Independence

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    Facebook Apologizes After Flagging Declaration of Independence As Hate SpeechThe phrase “Indian Savages” triggered Facebook’s monitoring system.
  2. Ted Cruz Wishes His Signature on the Iran Letter Had Been Way Bigger“And, as John Hancock said, I would sign it in large print. So that the ayatollah wouldn’t need his reading glasses to read the signature.”
  3. How to Protect the Constitution From Zombies“We do have a plan, BUT I’d have to kill you if I told you.”
  4. oh america!
    Many Americans Don’t Agree With ‘Declaration’Thirteen percent don’t think that “governments derive their only just powers from the consent of the governed.”
  5. people in glass houses
    Rush Limbaugh Caps Off CPAC With Tour de Force of MisquotationsConstitution, Declaration of Independence … whatever.