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  1. Harlem’s One-Antlered Deer Gets Last-Minute Stay on Execution, Then DiesBut there is probably no hope now for the Cuomo–de Blasio relationship.
  2. He’s Fine, So It’s Okay to Laugh at This Runner Getting Pummeled by a DeerThe most entertaining cross-country race I have ever seen.
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    This Man’s Best Friend Is a Powdered Donut-Loving Deer Named ‘Money’“We lit out here, man. We love the woods.”
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    A Deer Named Rudolph Died in Brooklyn YesterdayTwo survived.
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    Three Deer Showed Up in Brooklyn TodayOne of them was “bound by its legs, in the water.”
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    Matt Lauer Injured in Freak Bicycle-Deer Fight AccidentThe ‘Today’ host will undergo shoulder surgery today, according to reports.