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  1. ufos
    The Pentagon Has Reportedly Found ‘Off-World Vehicles Not Made on This Earth’The latest UFO report from the Times says a defense contractor briefed the Department of Defense on otherworldly vehicles in March.
  2. war
    Trump Administration to Ease Restrictions on Landmine Use: ReportThe White House is expected to ease regulations on the explosives, though 160 countries have banned them for their high civilian-casualty rate.
  3. white house
    White House Flummoxed by Sex of Hero Dog ConanIf only there was a definitive way to find out.
  4. war crimes
    Fired Navy Secretary: Trump Sends Message ‘You Can Get Away’ With War CrimesWell, duh — Trump reportedly wants to conscript the accused and convicted war criminals he pardoned to spread the good word about his 2020 campaign.
  5. defense department
    Defense Secretary: Trump Gave Direct Order to Allow SEAL to Keep Status“The president is the commander in chief. He has every right, authority, and privilege to do what he wants to do,” Esper said.
  6. defense department
    Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Fired Over War-Criminal ControversyRichard Spencer was fired for violating the chain of command and pushing Trump to allow accused war criminal Edward Gallagher to retire as a SEAL.
  7. the national interest
    Retribution Against the Washington Post Owner Is Trump’s Gravest Abuse of PowerThe most dangerous and authoritarian act is hiding in plain sight.
  8. politics
    Former Defense Secretary Mattis Says He’ll Speak Out About Trump, Just Not YetMattis says there’s a period during which he owes his silence, but “it’s not going to be forever.”
  9. defense department
    Mattis Criticizes American Isolationism, Divisiveness Without Using Trump’s Name“Nations with allies thrive, and those without them wither,” the former Defense secretary writes in an essay excerpted from his new book.
  10. defense department
    Senate Confirms Mark Esper As New Defense SecretarySeven months after Jim Mattis quit, the Pentagon finally has a permanent leader.
  11. politics
    Defense Department Asks White House to Keep Military Out of Political PosturingFollowing the U.S.S. John McCain debacle, acting Defense Secretary Shanahan asked the White House to leave the military out of its grandstanding.
  12. defense department
    Acting Defense Secretary Accused of Boosting Boeing, His Former EmployerPatrick Shanahan worked for Boeing for 30 years. Now he’s accused of doing its bidding inside the Pentagon.
  13. The Pentagon Is Officially Investigating Michael Flynn Over Foreign PaymentsTrump’s former national security adviser was warned not to take money from foreign governments without getting permission. He did it anyway.
  14. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Is Sane Enough to Sail Through the SenateAt his confirmation hearing, the ex-general broke with Trump on Putin, NATO, and the Iran deal.
  15. cleaning up
    Tar Balls Hit Texas CoastMeanwhile, BP still making money from government contracts.
  16. pentagon
    Robert Gates Will Hang Around For At Least Another YearBut he still looks froward “to one day retiring to his family home in the Pacific Northwest.”