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  1. foreign policy
    Trump Signs Defense Bill, Says He’ll Ignore Many Limits Set by CongressTrump claimed he can override restrictions on cooperation with Russia, efforts to reduce civilian casualties, and even mere information requests.
  2. Congress Will Face a Government Shutdown on December 22 — Merry Christmas!A scheme by Ryan and McConnell to buy more time while embarrassing Democrats blew up, as defense hawks said no.
  3. 7 Big Questions About What Congress Will Do in SeptemberThe big storm in Texas and Louisiana has improved the visibility in Washington — but there’s still a lot to do and little time to do it.
  4. U.S. ‘Successfully Intercepted’ ICBM in Test, Says PentagonU.S. officials say the test had been long planned before North Korea’s latest missile launches.
  5. This British Defense Contractor Wants to ‘Grow’ DronesBe afraid.
  6. early and often
    White House to Reduce Nuclear ArsenalBut they won’t promise to only use them to deter nuclear attack from elsewhere.