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  1. politics
    What Just Happened With Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal?A planned plea agreement for Hunter Biden nearly fell apart in court after questions were raised about the scope of the deal.
  2. democratic primaries
    In Delaware, It’s the Year of White Male Centrist Career Politician Tom CarperA lot of observers smelled an upset brewing in Delaware, but Sen. Tom Carper overwhelmed his progressive challenger with money and a personal touch.
  3. Did Democrats Just Begin an Electoral Comeback by Winning in Delaware?In a special election that could have given Republicans control of yet another legislative chamber, robust turnout gave Democrats a much-needed win.
  4. equal rites
    Delaware Getting In on Gay-Marriage TrendThe state becomes the eleventh to pass marriage equality.
  5. homicide
    The Case of the Murdered Presidential Aide Gets WeirderCould his death have come down to a petty neighborhood feud?
  6. early and awkward
    Delaware Public Access TV Station Now Part of Liberal Media ConspiracyAccording to Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin.
  7. early and awful
    Congressional Candidate Makes Christine O’Donnell Look Like the President of the ACLUHe thinks the separation of church and state was invented by Hitler, or something.
  8. the new adventures of old christine
    Polls Show Christine O’Donnell Way Behind CoonsOnly a third of her supporters would be “very disappointed” if she lost.
  9. early and awkward
    Chris Coons Insists His Relationship With Harry Reid Is Not Creepy and DisturbingHe is not Harry Reid’s pet.
  10. the new adventures of old christine
    GOP’s Delaware Senate Nominee Christine O’Donnell Not a Big Fan of EvolutionIsn’t it really just some crackpot theory?
  11. tea time
    Tea Party Ascendant With Win in DelawareAn unemployed anti-masturbation activist takes out a nine-term congressman.
  12. Meet Christine O’Donnell, the Tea Partier Who Could Lose the Senate for the GOPShe is a very interesting person.
  13. early and often
    Beau Biden in Treatment at Delaware HospitalThe son of Vice-President Biden was suffering serious headaches.