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  1. the future is coming
    Dell Releases Plan to Throw Away 25,000 BlackBerrysIt wants employees to use its own, new brand of smartphone.
  2. settling
    Dell Pays $100 Million to Make Accounting-Fraud Charges Go AwayIn a statement, the CEO sounded humbled.
  3. the bonus buster
    Cuomo Suit Reveals Tortured, ‘Emotional’ Relationship Between Intel and Companies It Paid OffThe New York attorney general files suit against Intel, to protect us all.
  4. the morning line
    Calling All Magnates • There it is, people, your shot at the history books: Anyone want to build the equivalent of “five Empire State Buildings”? That’s what the Bloomberg administration wants to see over Hudson Yards as it opens the 26-acre, billion-dollar lot — the largest in Manhattan — to developer bids. [NYT] • Yet another previously unknown 9/11 victim was identified Wednesday by pulling DNA off a bone fragment. In all, nine more names have been put to the scant remains in the last two months. [amNY] • The Long Island slavery case is getting progressively more nauseating: Now the millionaire couple’s four children (including an ‘06 Parsons grad) are also eyed as potential contributors to the imprisonment and systematic torture of two Indonesian women. [NYP] • Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is bringing a Spitzer-style lawsuit to computer makers Dell. The company allegedly defrauds its New York customers by touting services that never materialize and hiding 29-percent rates in their “no interest” offers. Dude, not cool. [WNBC] • And, it’s a busy day for police surveillance: Not only do newly released files show the NYPD spying on peace activists, hip-hoppers, bloggers and one city councilman in the run-up to the ‘04 GOP convention, but a police captain was caught on an, uh, extracurricular stakeout: drunkenly videotaping a couple in a motel Jacuzzi. [NYDN]