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Democratic National Convention 2016

  1. WTF
    Trump Responds to, and Brushes Off, Speech By Muslim Father of Fallen War HeroTrump also wondered if the Clinton campaign wrote Khizr Khan’s speech, and suggested his wife wasn’t allowed to speak because of their Muslim faith.
  2. Donald Trump Hails Clinton’s Speech As ‘Very Average’Trump blasted Clinton’s speech Friday morning, while repeatedly suggesting that it wasn’t bad, just mediocre.
  3. Democrats Roasted Donald Trump at the DNCThe best burns.
  4. early and often
    Hillary Clinton’s DNC Speech Had Bernie Sanders’s Fingerprints on ItIn Philadelphia, Clinton argued that mass mobilization is a prerequisite for progressive change — and that the flaws in our economy are the product of a corrupt campaign-finance system.
  5. Even ‘Corporate Democrats’ Are Moving LeftSenator Mark Warner may be the least populist Democrat in the Senate. But in Philadelphia, he’s saying modern capitalism is broken and only big government can fix it.
  6. Virginia Governor Says He Trusts Hillary Clinton to Betray Voters, Sign the TPPLeast-valuable Clinton surrogate Terry McAuliffe told Politico Wednesday night that he believes the Democratic nominee will break her campaign promise and sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  7. Louisiana Wins the DNC Roll-Call VoteWatch Louisiana pledge their delegates like no state has ever pledged its delegates before.
  8. The Democrats’ Brave Focus on Police ViolenceEven as the GOP returns to “tough on crime” politics, the Democrats spotlight anti-black violence in their convention’s prime-time program.
  9. democratic national convention
    ‘C’mon, Man’: The Joe Biden StoryScenes from a vice-presidential presser in Philly.
  10. Bernie Gives Supporters Red Light on Green PartyAs polls show a significant number of former Sanders-backers planning to vote third party, the senator finally makes the case against Jill Stein.