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Democratic National Convention

  1. When Everyone Romped Through the DNC Balloons Like ChildrenA thorough account. 
  2. Convention Bounce: A Love That Doesn’t Always LastJust ask Jimmy Carter — or John McCain.
  3. Hillary Clinton Wants You to Know She Has a Plan“Having a plan” is yet another way she is seeking to boost her credibility.
  4. the national interest
    It’s Okay Not to Like Hillary Clinton’s Speaking StyleIt is possible for people not to dig her speeches for non-gendered reasons.
  5. the national circus
    Hillary Got Big Stuff Right in DNC SpeechShe gave the GOP candidate a real verbal beatdown in her convention address. 
  6. Hillary Poised to Make the ‘Impossible Possible’Her very presence on the stage tonight was a testament to the speed (and difficulty) with which the world has changed.
  7. Hillary Clinton (Mostly) Hit Her Marks in Her Acceptance SpeechShe didn’t meet every challenge she might have, but she sure did take a claw hammer to Trump and the values and future he represents.
  8. the national interest
    The Democratic Convention Showed Clinton Is Sane, Competent, and Likable EnoughDespite the die-hard Bernie supporters and her limitations as a public speaker, it came off almost perfectly.
  9. democratic national convention
    Anti-Hillary Protesters Make Minor Mayhem Inside the DNC During Hillary’s SpeechGlowing shirts, secret signs, and mid-address chants.
  10. The Father of an American Muslim War Hero Indicts Donald Trump’s Patriotism“You have sacrificed nothing! And no one!”
  11. democratic national convention
    Governor Andrew Cuomo Embraces His Dad’s DNC Legacy in His Own AddressThe speech remembered Mario Cuomo, and the current governor had a few lines of his own.
  12. Obama’s DNC Speech Was His Final Album — Until the ComebackObama’s big-speech catalog plays like a discography.
  13. Who or What Ended the ‘Bernie or Bust’ Revolt in Philadelphia?Michelle Obama? Bernie himself? There are multiple theories.
  14. Are Bernie or Busters Becoming the Tea Party of the Left?A movement takes shape at the DNC.
  15. No, Bernie, the DNC Didn’t Lose the MidtermsSanders blamed Debbie Wasserman Schultz and company for 2014’s blowout. It’s not that simple.
  16. Delegates Weigh In on a Bill Clinton White HouseWhat will he do back in the White House?
  17. the national interest
    Clinton Is Running As the Candidate of DemocracyHer cause should attract all small-d democrats.
  18. 5 Things Hillary Clinton Must Do in Her Convention SpeechAfter a generally successful convention, the pressure is on the nominee to accomplish some key things, while keeping up with the Obamas.
  19. Scenes From the Protests Outside the DNCChaos on day three in Philadelphia. 
  20. early and often
    Obama Argues That Trump Isn’t American Enough to Be PresidentObama didn’t ask to see a birth certificate, but he argued that Trump represents an authoritarian ideal too foreign for Americans to embrace.
  21. Tim Kaine Burnishes His Attack-Dog Cred With a Trump ImpersonationOut of nowhere, Tim Kaine tore into Donald Trump with mockery and savage denunciation. 
  22. democratic national convention
    Joe Biden Asks Nation to Quietly Contemplate Donald Trump’s CynicismBiden asked the DNC not to cheer or boo, but to merely think about what kind of man takes pleasure in saying, “You’re fired.”
  23. the national interest
    Michael Bloomberg Sums Up the Election: ‘Let’s Elect a Sane, Competent Person’The bar is so low, and the stakes are so high.
  24. democratic national convention
    Orlando Victim’s Mom Brought the DNC to TearsIn five minutes, Christine Leinonen gave a heartrending tribute to her son’s memory and a quietly devastating argument for “common sense” gun control.
  25. democratic national convention
    Why Did Democrats Put Michael Bloomberg in Prime-time?Clinton needs to consolidate her base, while improving her standing with blue-collar whites. The billionaire won’t help on either count.
  26. Why Democrats Really Do Need to Talk About Terrorism and CrimeBoth parties seem to be slipping back into the stupid habit of dividing up issue areas and refusing to address the other party’s.
  27. Tim Kaine’s Being Logical About Abortion, If Not Totally ConsistentRepublicans are crowing over Tim Kaine’s “flip-flop” on the Hyde Amendment banning the use of Medicaid funds for abortion services. But if you’re going to support legal abortion, why draw the line at letting poor women have them?
  28. dnc leaks
    Assange Says WikiLeaks Might Release More Documents Relating to 2016 Race“A lot more material,” Assange told CNN.
  29. We Asked Bernie or Bust Supporters Why They’re BustingSpoiler alert: They had a lot to say.
  30. Obama’s Best Case for Hillary Clinton: His Own Presidential LegacyIn a close race, Obama’s own popularity may be crucial. He should remember that in making his big speech tonight.
  31. the national interest
    Barack Obama’s Transformational Success Is Only Beginning to Come Into ViewOne of America’s greatest presidents will soon be seen as such.
  32. Bill Clinton Ignores History and Tells ‘Her Story’ in DNC SpeechIn a departure from the great orations he’s given in the past, the former president focused on an earnest recitation of his wife’s résumé as a “change-maker.”
  33. Bill Clinton Tells Courtship Story, Makes Twitter Nervous“I got close enough to touch her back,” Bill Clinton said. “Somehow, I knew this might not be another tap on the shoulder.”
  34. Democrats Nominate Hillary Clinton and Bernie Makes It UnanimousIf there were bad feelings left over from yesterday’s Democratic tensions, they dissipated in the fun of an old-school roll-call vote and history was made.
  35. conventional wisdom
    Bill Clinton’s Complex Racial LegacyWas it the best choice?
  36. democratic national convention
    ‘C’mon, Man’: The Joe Biden StoryScenes from a vice-presidential presser in Philly.
  37. early and often
    Michelle Obama Elegantly Eviscerated TrumpIt wasn’t just one of the most ingenious convention speeches ever given by a political spouse, it was one of the finest convention speeches, period.
  38. early and often
    Bernie May Have Broken the ‘Never Hillary’ Movement Once and for AllSanders getting booed by his own supporters energized his campaign to crack down on Bernie-or-Bust bros.
  39. Everyone Hates Debbie Wasserman SchultzA brief explainer.
  40. Andrew Sullivan Liveblogs the DNC, Night 1Join us at 8 p.m. tonight for Sullivan’s return to blogging as he covers events at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
  41. Democratic Unity Night Gets Off to a Rocky StartDisgruntled Sanders supporters took their fight to the main convention floor in the opening hours of the event.
  42. early and often
    What You Need to Know About the Democratic National ConventionProtests, current and former presidents, and a far more positive message than what we saw in Cleveland.
  43. dnc
    DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz Resigns Amid Email-Leak ScandalInternal DNC emails revealed disparaging comments she and other officials made about the Sanders campaign.
  44. democratic national convention
    Bloomberg to Endorse Clinton in DNC SpeechTeam Clinton is bringing in their own billionaire to make the case against Trump.
  45. the urbanist
    Just What Kind of Democratic Town Is Philly?Delegates will find roast-pork bao with provolone — and a host of hot-button issues.
  46. Is Warren Off the Veep List? No One Knows!So Elizabeth Warren has been asked to speak on the first night of the Democratic Convention. Does that mean she cannot speak later that week as the vice-presidential nominee?
  47. There Will Be No Platform Fight at the Democratic National ConventionAlong with his endorsement of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders blessed the party’s newly hatched platform.
  48. politics
    Bill Clinton Stands Poised Between His Past and His Wife’s FutureThe last white male Democratic president has a connection to those who feel left behind.
  49. Democratic Delegates Demand Anti-TPP Provision in Party PlatformClinton and Sanders delegates from Connecticut, Ohio, and New Jersey have signed letters calling for the Democratic platform to explicitly oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  50. democratic national convention
    Sanders Doesn’t Have to Grovel to Get a Big Convention SpeechHillary Clinton needs a big, visible endorsement speech from Bernie Sanders more than Bernie Sanders needs to give one. 
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