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  1. early and often
    Can Mondaire Jones Make Nice With the Democratic Establishment?He’s running to get back into Congress and away from some of his left-wing associations.
  2. encounter
    J. B. Pritzker Is a New Democratic Power BrokerThe governor of Illinois is rich and powerful, making him both an ally to Joe Biden and his own center of influence.
  3. the national interest
    The Democrats Can’t Wave Away Their Hunter Biden ProblemHow the party can clean up the Supreme Court and address the president’s son’s ethics scandals.
  4. power
    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Inside JobHow a conspiracy-spewing literal Kennedy posing as a populist outsider jolted the Democratic Party.
  5. early and often
    Dianne Feinstein’s Return Is a Ghoulish SpectacleThe senator has become a symbol of deep political rot.
  6. politics
    Will Democrats Fight for Trans People?The party can’t cede an important civil-rights issue to conservatives.
  7. the inside game
    How Democrats Started Winning in Wisconsin AgainAfter years of being crushed by Republicans, liberals have clawed their way back into power with more cash, better organizing, and abortion politics.
  8. windy city heat
    The Fiercest Fight in Democratic Politics Is in ChicagoA left-wing former teacher and a centrist former schools boss may only agree that the other would ruin the city as mayor.
  9. the swamp
    How Biden Learned to Love the Debt-Ceiling CrisisHe has turned a chronic political headache into a winning issue.
  10. windy city heat
    How Lori Lightfoot Lost ChicagoThe city threw out a Democratic mayor for the first time in decades. Yet it may not be a loss for the left.
  11. early and often
    No, Congress Doesn’t Need More ‘Independents’ Like SinemaThe senator’s superficial rebranding does not make Congress more representative of the country.
  12. early and often
    The Fall of the Progressive Boy KingSean McElwee formed a lucrative alliance with SBF. Then his patron went bust and he suffered his own scandal.
  13. the national interest
    Kyrsten Sinema Is Playing ChickenDeclaring herself an independent is a way to force the Democratic Party into embracing her.
  14. early and often
    Democrats Have Some Solid Options If Biden Doesn’t Run in 2024The Democratic Party’s bench of potentially successful presidential candidates is suddenly looking pretty deep.
  15. early and often
    New York Does Not Have a Democratic PartyThe midterms show the statewide organization is worse than ineffective; it is practically nonexistent when it comes to electing candidates.
  16. the inside game
    Why Democrats Are Suddenly Very NervousObama, both Clintons, and even Biden try to rescue their party from a potential rout.
  17. early and often
    Left-Wing Challengers Have a Hard Road AheadAfter shock victories in 2018 and 2020, progressive challengers are having a harder time pulling off AOC-like upsets.
  18. early and often
    The 4 Big Races to Watch in New YorkThe Democratic primaries will test the strength of the left, and a special election may determine how abortion rights will play in November.
  19. early and often
    Shilling for ThrillsIn Lis Smith’s new memoir, principles are for purists.
  20. sticker shock
    Why Don’t Democrats Care About the Housing Emergency?Once the domain of big cities, the surging cost of rent across the country is driving record inflation.
  21. early and often
    Chesa Boudin and the Limits of San Francisco LiberalismIf Chesa Boudin is recalled, it will be because his city has never been its left-wing caricature.
  22. texas school shooting
    Will the ‘School-Shooting Generation’ Change Politics?Congress failed to act after Sandy Hook, and it feels just as paralyzed on gun violence today. But there are reasons for renewed hope.
  23. vision 2024
    Democrats Quietly Search for an Alternative to Biden in 2024Inside the 2024 soul-searching that’s happening in every corner of the Democratic Party — except the White House.
  24. early and often
    The Democratic Party Is Extremely Unpopular Right NowNew poll numbers do not bode well for the party’s midterms chances.
  25. early and often
    Is Kathy Hochul Losing Her Party?Democrats are starting to open up about their problems with the governor, who promised to be the un-Cuomo.
  26. the national interest
    Political Correctness Is LosingHow the Democratic Party fought back against illiberalism.
  27. politics
    What Democrats Hope to Win by LosingThey still want to try to move forward on voting-rights legislation, but it’s hard to see past the brick wall of the filibuster.
  28. politics
    Democrats Release Their Hostages and Give Biden a WinIt was ugly, but the House finally passed an infrastructure bill and advanced the president’s prized social-spending bonanza.
  29. polls
    Is the Media to Blame for Biden’s Bad Poll Numbers?Or is it “the economy, stupid”?
  30. moderate democrats
    $3.5 Trillion Is Not a Lot of MoneyJoe Biden’s spending bill isn’t extreme, no matter what moderate Democrats say.
  31. politics
    What Is Kyrsten Sinema’s Deal?The senator from Arizona puzzles and irks her fellow Democrats in equal measure.
  32. politics
    How on Earth Does Cuomo Survive This?The sexual-harassment report wasn’t a bombshell; it was a nuclear blast. And yet.
  33. democratic party
    Why Is It So Hard for Moderate Dems to ‘Do Popular Things’?Centrist resistance to popular tax hikes and drug reforms threatens to derail Biden’s agenda.
  34. the economy
    How the New Child Tax Credit Is Already Changing Lives“There’s very few good news stories, and this is one.”
  35. politics
    Democratic Lawmakers Flee Texas to Stop GOP Crackdown on VotingFive of the state representatives who left for D.C. have tested positive for the coronavirus.
  36. the body politic
    Biden’s Big Left GambleThe president is overseeing a sea change in the world of economic policy, and so much hangs in the balance.
  37. politics
    ‘Socialism’ Isn’t a Dirty Word AnymoreYoung Americans are increasingly critical of capitalism and open to an alternative. Will Democrats seize the opportunity?
  38. politics
    New York City’s Era of Liberal Peace Is OverThe left might have Eric Adams surrounded, but he has proven to be a cunning opponent.
  39. politics
    ‘We Have to Do What It Takes to Protect Our Delicate Democracy’Texas lawmakers may leave the state to save voting rights.
  40. politics
    Manchin Says He’ll Oppose For the People ActDemocrats’ would-be landmark voting-rights legislation now officially appears to be dead on arrival.
  41. israel
    U.S. Discourse Is Growing More Pro-Palestinian. U.S. Policy Isn’t.Several factors have led liberals and newsrooms to become more sympathetic to Palestinian misery, creating a dissonance with the official U.S. stance.
  42. politics
    What Comes After Trickle-Down Economics?If Biden really wants to get beyond the neoliberal consensus, he needs the left.
  43. politics
    Joe Biden Isn’t Going BackBut can he get Congress to follow him?
  44. politics
    Democratic Firm Is Accused of Firing Workers for Speaking UpCivis Analytics bills itself as progressive, but ex-employees say they were let go for trying to make the company live up to its values.
  45. centrism
    Centrist Dems Demand Infrastructure Bill Include Tax Hikes on RichIn a blow for the left, moderates say that they will only support Biden’s multitrillion-dollar green jobs plan if it includes a corporate tax hike.
  46. politics
    The DCCC Blacklist Is No MoreVendors will no longer be penalized for working with progressive primary candidates.
  47. president biden
    In Inaugural, Biden Calls for Unity (Against Trump’s GOP)The president’s speech was a call for reconciliation — on Blue America’s terms.
  48. end-times
    How BidenWorld Is Scrambling to Prepare for January 21His much-needed recovery agenda will have to weave its way through a Washington that is about to be increasingly distracted by Trump’s re-impeachment.
  49. capitol riot
    Biden’s Top Hill Allies: We Got This, You Focus on Taking OverThe incoming president struck a milder tone than Democrats in Congress who want to expel Republicans and impeach Trump again.
  50. the left
    The Left’s Most Naïve Cynics Have Turned on AOCLeft-wing media personalities are calling on House progressives to force a floor vote on Medicare for All — or reveal themselves to be frauds.
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