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  1. republicans
    The Future Could Actually Be Bright for RepublicansThe GOP comeback will likely begin with retaking the House in 2022, then probably the Senate, and maybe the presidency.
  2. vision 2020
    Win or Lose, Republicans Need a Better Plan for the Future ElectorateBy 2024, millennial and Gen-Z voters are going to give a distinctly diverse and leftward tilt to politics. Trumpism won’t cut it.
  3. 2018 elections
    GOP’s Fate in the Midterms Is in the Hands of WomenCollege-educated and minority women are trending Democratic at potentially historic levels. If white working-class women begin to join them, look out!
  4. Poll: Support for Trump and His Immigration Policy Are Nearly IdenticalTo a remarkable extent, support for Trump tracks support for his handling of immigration across all sorts of demographic lines.
  5. midterms
    Battle for the House: 100 Days Out, Democrats Are on the BrinkIt could still go either way, but Trump’s lack of popularity and a battleground where Republicans are on the defensive give Democrats an edge.
  6. America Will Only Remain ‘Majority White’ If Blacks Remain an UnderclassTo say that Latinos will “become white” is to say that they will help fortify a racial caste system that subordinates African-Americans.
  7. the national interest
    New Survey Shows Young People Are Staying Liberal, Conservatives Are Dying OffIn the long run, we’re all dead, but Republicans are especially dead.
  8. Virginia Governor’s Race Is Good Test for Post-Trump Election StrategyIt’s early yet, and both parties have gubernatorial primaries, but Virginia’s likely to join New Jersey in showing an anti-Trump off-year backlash.
  9. A Few Extra Votes in a Few Places Made All the Difference for TrumpHis victory was less sweeping than pinpointed.
  10. Why the British Left Isn’t Talking About ImmigrationLabour is far more dependent than the Democrats on the white working class, where resentment of immigrants is high.
  11. The Bad News for Trump About Under-Engaged White VotersIt turns out they are mostly in solid red states.
  12. early and often
    Trump, Clinton Could Post Record Numbers With Opposite Corners of White AmericaThe strength of the major-party candidates among downscale white men and upscale white women could prove to be the key matchup.
  13. Demographic Ruts in Dem Race a Lot Like ’08Going into a key primary in Michigan Tuesday, Clinton and Sanders are both differentiating themselves on policy issues. But, as in the Clinton-Obama contest of 2008, it’s not clear actual voters care. 
  14. Iowa and New Hampshire Are As Good As It Gets for Bernie SandersIowa and New Hampshire are loaded with the white liberal voters most likely to feel the Bern. They get scarcer on the primary calendar after that. 
  15. demographics
    Florida’s Population About to Surpass New York’s Any Second NowThis changes everything.
  16. the post-racial world
    A Sad White Dude Contemplating the Decline of White PeopleHere’s why he’s doing this. 
  17. health
    Men Hate Vegetables and Die EarlierMore than nine out of ten New York City men didn’t listen to their mothers at the dinner table.
  18. neighborhood watch
    White-Flight Reversal Signals City’s Return to Eisenhower-Era VibeFor the first time in half a century, the percentage of the city’s population that is white actually rose this year.
  19. in other news
    MSNBC and Olbermann Creeping Up on FNC and O’ReillyFor the first time, Olbermann overtook his rival in the key demographic ratings last week.
  20. numbers game
    Not So Different From You and Me?Andrew Beveridge, who does demographic analyses for the Times, has sifted through census data to come up with some trivia on a woefully undertaxonomized (and, some would say, undertaxed) cohort: the city’s idle rich, or, as he calls them in his Gotham Gazette study, “New Yorkers who don’t need to work.” The numbers are impressive. Per Beveridge: Amount a person needs to earn annually in investment income to be counted as not needing to work: $60,000 Number of people in the tri-state area who “don’t need to work”: 140,000 Median personal income of these people: $191,200 Percentage of them who live in Manhattan: 16 Percentage who live in the suburbs: 40 Percentage who work, anyway, despite not needing to: 25 Percentage who went to college: only 60, surprisingly The Idle Rich [Gotham Gazette]
  21. in other news
    Dominicans Like the Island Manhattan, Smoke on Your Pipe and Put That In There may be a minor revolution under way in our city’s Latin American population, according to new census data reported in the News. For the first time ever, the Dominican Republic is poised to overtake Puerto Rico as the No. 1 provenance of New York Latinos. (Overall, Latinos account for 28 percent of the NYC population and are the dominant ethnicity in the Bronx). The new figures show the number of “Nuyoricans” dropping from 2004 to 2005, while the Dominican stats are on the rise. An auxiliary article describes the first front already ceded by the Puerto Ricans — the city’s 13,000 Hispanic bodegas, which are now almost entirely Dominican-owned. Whither Puerto Ricans? It seems they’re following the arc of any other immigrant group that’s stayed in the city for a while: disappearing into the middle class and moving out, be it to the Long Island suburbs, upstate, New Jersey, or back to Puerto Rico. At least, though, this revolution appears to be a peaceful one, with no hard feelings between the two Latino groups. For instance, when Puerto Rican candidate Fernando Ferrer ran for mayor, he drew more support from the city’s Dominicans than from his compatriots. Of course, he still lost. Latinos on the Rise in the City [NYDN] Dominican Dominance at Bustlin’ Bodegas [NYDN]