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  1. vision 2020
    Gabbard Wins Coveted Endorsement From Dennis ‘Kingmaker’ KucinichAmerica’s most influential former mayor of Cleveland says Gabbard is the antiwar candidate. He is wrong.
  2. Favorites Win Nearly Everywhere on First Big Primary Night of 2018With the exception of a GOP House member losing in North Carolina, upsets were few and far between in a four-state primary night.
  3. What to Watch on 2018’s First Super Tuesday of PrimariesWild who’s-the-Trumpiest GOP Senate races in Indiana and West Virginia and a Democratic gubernatorial fight in Ohio are the big events.
  4. Berniecrats Endorse Kucinich, Bernie Keeps His DistanceIf Sanders’s supporters go one way and he goes another in a key 2018 race, what does that say about 2020?
  5. The Eternal Recurrence of Dennis Kucinich, Candidate for OfficeYes, he’s back. In this incarnation he’s a Fox Democrat running for governor of Ohio.
  6. burn notice
    Dennis Kucinich’s Burning Man Name Is ‘Charge’But he needs to dress the part. Will someone please get him a banana hammock?
  7. que syria syria
    Assad Calls the United States the ‘Greatest Country in the World’In an interview with Dennis Kucinich.
  8. cable news news
    Fox News Has a New Funny Little Token Liberal to Push AroundDennis Kucinich.
  9. goofballs
    So Long, Representative Dennis KucinichThe longtime Cleveland rep lost last night.
  10. the kuce
    Will It Be Dennis Kucinich vs. Joe the Plumber in the OH-9 Congressional Race?Cage match.
  11. revolt like an egyptian
    What, Exactly, Is Dennis Kucinich Doing in Syria?It’s his second trip to meet with Assad in the past five years.
  12. menaces
    Basically Every State Begging Dennis Kucinich to Move ThereHe might run for reelection in a new state.
  13. menaces
    How Biting an Olive Pit Resulted in Two Years of Agony for Dennis KucinichA warning for us all.
  14. menaces
    An Olive Pit Basically Destroyed Dennis Kucinich’s LifeThe olive pit he bit down upon in the congressional cafeteria left him with “permanent dental and oral injuries.”
  15. early and often
    ‘Professional Left’ Will Settle for Obama in 2012Despite their frustration, nobody is stepping up to challenge Obama.
  16. health carnage
    Ultimately, Dennis Kucinich Was Helpless to Resist the Charms of President ObamaThe Ohio progressive changes his health-care vote after a visit from the president.
  17. health carnage
    President Obama Asks Democrats to Get Some CourageObama was back in campaign mode today in a final push for health-care votes.
  18. the greatest depression
    BailoutmaniaSo. The Big Bailout. The Rescue. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. (That’s what we are calling it now you know). It’s been not even three weeks since we first heard of this thing, and we have all aged years. So much has happened!
  19. early and often
    Best Speech of Hillary Clinton’s Career Caps Genuinely Exciting DNC NightOn day two of their convention, Democrats finally got some red meat.
  20. early and often
    Which Candidates Should Worry About the Actors Who Endorsed Them? A Graphical GuideAs the primary season approaches its climax, each voter is faced with a choice: Is it better to back a candidate based upon the opportunistic ramblings of cable-news talking heads or the endorsement of the voter’s favorite actor? Folks who filter their beliefs through those of a television or movie personality risk surrendering their stake in actual issues. Then again, they’re secure in the knowledge that they’re for the same guy as the Fresh Prince. Who are these actors, and how might they help — or potentially destroy — the campaigns that are so carefully conducted by their buddies? Glad you asked! —Dan Amira
  21. early and often
    Worst Prez-Candidate Profile You’ll Read All Year — We Hope!New York’s cynical presidential contenders might be floundering, but hey, have you heard that Dennis Kucinich has a hot wife? The Washington Post thinks you haven’t. Witness “The Love Song of Dennis J. Kucinich,” an annoyingly “voicey” feature on the candidate’s martial bliss. (“No Wonder the Candidate Saw a UFO. He’s Been Up There on Cloud Nine.”) The narrative’s the same as it’s always been: He’s a troll, she looks like Natasha McElhone with a tongue stud, and the marriage works because they’re both New Age weirdos. The Post even opens with that old chestnut about how Kucinich has “already won,” which might have been authored by the candidate himself, but still, as we’ve mentioned before, makes us feel weird when the papers run with it: There’s something awfully locker-room about it, this notion of a filly as a consolation prize. Or, rather, something out of Mad Men. “He is short, at 5-7,” we’re informed for the thousandth time in that retro-swinish cadence, “And she is — wow, she just keeps on going.”