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  1. it just happened
    First Lad of Publishing Gets Laid OffIt looks like Jimmy Jellinek, the former editor-in-chief of Maxim and wunderkind of Dennis Publishing, has just been kicked out of his job. Right before a company cocktail party, no less! Gawker reports that Jellinek was fired by Kent Brownridge, who bought Dennis Publishing earlier this month and has been making massive overhauls of the struggling lad-mag empire. The site says he’ll be replaced by former Men’s Journal editor Jim Kaminsky, who was the executive editor of Maxim. We called a rep for the mag, but so far, no confirmation on the news. There’s a party going on right now at Cellar Bar to celebrate the new ownership (the company is now called Alpha Media Group), but we’re betting Jellinek supporters are playing hooky – probably drowning their sorrows in plastic cups at Siberia. It’s a sad, sad day out there for reality stars in wet underwear… Housecleaning [Gawker] Update: A Maxim rep speedily returned our emails confirming that Jim Kaminsky will be the mag’s first ever Editorial Director, and yes, Jellinek is “no longer with the magazine.” But he won’t be drinking at Siberia, as we forgot, it closed months ago. As Maxim would say, “double d’oh!”
  2. company town
    Wait, Somebody Had to Sell His Helicopter? Now This Is Getting Really Bad.MEDIA • Paranoid Fox News host John Gibson believes “the war on Gibson is real,” thus solidifying our own belief – in awesomeness. [Radar] • Rumors of a purge at Alpha Media, formerly Dennis Publishing, were greatly exaggerated. Stuff’s staff is tiny, only 16 of 34 were let go, and the survivors were rewarded with summer Friday’s for the first time ever. [NYP] • Meet Publish2, a social-networking site for journalists. Or maybe they should call it Facebook2. [Folio]
  3. company town
    GE Wants In on the Dow Jones ActionMEDIA • GE and Pearson, the parents of NBC and the Financial Times, are considering a rival bid for Dow Jones. [NYT] • Quadrangle Group bought Dennis Publishing for $240 million and is courting editorial talent. [WWD] • Demand for ad space pushes Page Six up to three pages. [NYT]