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Department Of Health And Human Services

  1. trans rights
    Judge Blocks HHS Rollback of Trans Health Care ProtectionsOnce again, the Trump administration is seeking to define sex discrimination on the basis of biological sex.
  2. coronavirus
    Whistle-blower: U.S. Health Workers Treated Coronavirus Without Proper TrainingA Health and Human Services official states that health workers who handled quarantined patients did so without “proper training or protective gear.”
  3. Trump Admin: 463 Migrant Parents May Have Been Deported Without Their KidsWith a deadline to reunite separated families only days away, the government is signaling that it will almost certainly fall short.
  4. Trump Administration Lays Out Plan to Reunite 2,500 Migrant Children in 10 DaysAfter the government complained that speedier reunions pose a safety risk, a federal judge said that’s “nothing but cover for HHS.”
  5. Auditor: Tom Price Owes Government $341,000 for Unauthorized Travel ExpensesIt’s amazing how much Price spent on travel that accomplished nothing of great note during just seven months in office.
  6. Another Trump Official Found Pushing Conspiracy TheoriesHHS official Jon Cordova shared some crazy articles.
  7. HHS Secretary Calls Blatant Violation of Health Care Law a ‘Cry for Help’In what’s supposed to be a law-and-order administration, HHS’s tolerance for Idaho’s efforts to nullify the Affordable Care Act is astonishing.
  8. Report: Obama Administration Handed Child Migrants Over to Human TraffickersA Senate report finds that the federal government failed to conduct background checks on adults entrusted with the care of child migrants.
  9. photo op
    FDA’s Proposed Warning Labels Make Cigarettes Look Like HeroinThey’re pretty graphic.