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Department Of Housing And Urban Development

  1. Ben Carson’s HUD Spent $31,000 on a Dining-Room Set for His OfficeThe Housing secretary needs to dine in style, while planning $9 billion in cuts on shelter for the poor.
  2. After Backlash, VA Won’t Scrap Program to House Homeless VeteransThe Trump administration’s attempt to realign the program was not well received.
  3. Trump Puts Event Planner in Charge of New York and New Jersey’s Housing ProgramsLynne Patton doesn’t have any experience in housing policy, but she does have a lot of experience working for the Trump family.
  4. Ben Carson Makes HUD Employees Take the ‘Niceness Pledge’The new HUD secretary treats his department to a lecture on the human brain, the power of “niceness,” slavery, and the virtues of small government.
  5. Ben Carson Wins Confirmation As Trump’s HUD SecretaryFinally, the U.S. has a neurosurgeon leading the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  6. HUD Official Hears ‘You’re Fired’ After Trump Criticism SurfacesShermichael Singleton was preparing for confirmation by Ben Carson, whose campaign he had previously worked on.
  7. Ben Carson Is Trump’s Pick for HUD Secretary, for Some Terrible ReasonCarson is a retired neurosurgeon — with no experience in urban development — who declared himself unqualified to run a federal agency last week.
  8. pre-fab metaphors
    The Roof Is Falling In on Federal Housing ProgramsHUD, heal thyself!