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  1. maintenance
    What the Massive NYCHA Corruption Sting Really RevealsThe drip-drip process of small-scale repairs, instead of full-scale renovations, is the underlying problem.
  2. mar-a-lago raid
    Trump Rummaged Through Boxes of Classified Materials at Mar-a-Lago: ReportThere is reportedly evidence of possible obstruction in the classified-documents case, and that Trump went through those boxes after being subpoenaed.
  3. mar-a-lago raid
    Appeals Court Smacks Down Judge Who Ruled for Trump Over FBIThe 11th Circuit Court of Appeals excoriated U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon’s interference in the Mar-a-Lago raid investigation.
  4. exhibit a
    The Long Road Ahead for Special Counsel Jack SmithWhat his appointment to lead the Justice Department’s Trump probes does and doesn’t mean — and what to expect next.
  5. politics
    What We Know About the New Special Counsel for the DoJ’s Trump Probe, Jack SmithSmith, who Attorney General Merrick Garland named Friday, was most recently a chief prosecutor in the Hague investigating war crimes.
  6. politics
    Is the Justice Department Incompetent?Federal prosecutors have suffered a string of high-profile losses that point to long-term institutional problems.
  7. the law
    Why Is Merrick Garland Defending the Trump Administration Again?The Justice Department’s legal fight with the families of victims of the Boeing 737 MAX crashes is as troubling as it is bizarre.
  8. voting rights
    Merrick Garland Initiates His Plan B for Voting RightsWith the GOP blocking voting-rights legislation, the DOJ is suing Texas over voting restrictions with the powers that AG Merrick Garland still has.
  9. politics
    DOJ Sues Texas Over Blatantly Unconstitutional Abortion BanThe opening bell of a long fight to save women’s constitutional rights against a conservative counterrevolution.
  10. the money game
    The High Priest of Cryptopia Regrets NothingIan Freeman could have been a bitcoin billionaire. Instead, he could go to prison for the rest of his life.
  11. department of justice
    Trump DOJ’s Secret Subpoenas and Data Seizures: What We KnowThe Trump Justice Department went to unprecedented lengths to hunt down leakers, seizing records from reporters, Democrats, and a White House counsel.
  12. department of justice
    Trump DOJ Even Seized Records of Top White House Lawyer in Hunt for LeaksThe latest abuse of power scandal within the Trump administration is a reminder of the chaos within the last White House.
  13. politics
    Merrick Garland Unveils Plan B for Protecting Voting RightsAs new congressional legislation stalls, the Justice Department will utilize the powers it already possesses to fight voter-suppression measures.
  14. department of justice
    Trump DOJ Seized Adam Schiff’s Records in Search for LeaksProsecutors seized metadata of the top House Intelligence Democrat, Eric Swalwell, and a minor in a failed hunt to find those leaking to reporters.
  15. department of justice
    DOJ Launches Probe of Louisville Police After Killing of Breonna TaylorThe inquiry, announced by Merrick Garland, is the second such “pattern or practice” investigation into systemic police abuses in the past week.
  16. capitol riot
    Prosecutors Allege Oath Keepers and Proud Boys Coordinated Before Capitol RiotAn Oath Keepers leader said he’d “organized an alliance” with other far-right groups headed to D.C. on January 6, according to federal investigators.
  17. department of justice
    Trump DOJ Blocked Search Warrant for Investigation Into Rudy Giuliani: ReportThe Department of Justice reportedly stalled on a request for a warrant to see Giuliani’s records regarding his time in Ukraine until Biden took over.
  18. politics
    Trump Repeatedly Pressured Justice Department to Help Overturn ElectionAfter DOJ leaders refused to file a Supreme Court lawsuit, Trump nearly fired the acting attorney general just days before the attack on Congress.
  19. georgia
    White House Forced Out U.S. Attorney Amid Effort to Overturn Election in GeorgiaThe top federal prosecutor in Atlanta, Byung Pak, was reportedly told to resign because Trump was upset he didn’t help find voter fraud in Georgia.
  20. biden administration
    Joe Biden to Tap Merrick Garland for Attorney GeneralThe former Obama Supreme Court nominee will get his Senate confirmation hearing at last.
  21. swan songs
    Barr Pans Trump’s Coup Schemes in Final Press ConferenceThe outgoing attorney general reiterated that he is not onboard with some of the extreme measures the president has reportedly been seeking.
  22. department of justice
    Trump: Attorney General William Barr Will Resign Next WeekBarr and Trump were closely aligned until after the election, when the AG refused to sign on to the president’s baseless fraud claims.
  23. department of justice
    DOJ Bans Trump Aide Seeking ‘Insider Information’ on Voter Fraud: ReportHis liaison at Justice was booted from the building for pressuring officials to give up details about investigations into purported election fraud.
  24. department of justice
    DOJ’s Top Election-Fraud Prosecutor Steps Down After Barr Jumps Into ElectionThe DOJ official overseeing election fraud stepped down hours after Barr authorized prosecutors to examine allegations of voting “irregularities.”
  25. just asking questions
    How to Restore the Justice Department After Trump Leaves OfficeConstitutional-law expert Mark Tushnet on his call for a bipartisan commission to investigate the many ways the DOJ shattered norms under Trump.
  26. department of justice
    Barr Tells Prosecutors to Weigh Sedition Charge for Violent Protesters: ReportIt’s unlikely prosecutors could prove intent of such a charge, though threatening protesters with sedition could change the dynamic at future events.
  27. department of justice
    DOJ Opens Criminal Inquiry Into John Bolton’s Recent BookThe Department of Justice is reportedly investigating if the former national security adviser illegally disclosed classified information.
  28. politics
    What Happened at Attorney General Barr’s Five-Hour House HearingBarr defended sending federal agents to Portland and other cities, and his heated exchanges with grandstanding Democrats yielded little substance.
  29. department of justice
    Michael Flynn May Not Be Out of Legal Jeopardy Just YetThe judge presiding over Flynn’s case delayed the dismissal of charges and opened an opportunity for outside commenters to accuse the DOJ of cronyism.
  30. coronavirus
    Could There Be Legal Ramifications for Spreading the Coronavirus?While people have been arrested for false threats of spreading COVID-19, a DOJ memo states willful exposure may result in “terrorism-related” charges.
  31. department of justice
    AG Barr Could Resign If Trump Keeps Tweeting About DOJ Investigations: Report“He has his limits.”
  32. department of justice
    Over 2,000 Former DOJ Officials Call for Attorney General William Barr to ResignDepartment of Justice alumni are furious over Barr’s decision to intervene on the president’s behalf in the case of Trump surrogate Roger Stone.
  33. department of justice
    Attorney General Barr: Trump Tweets Make It ‘Impossible for Me to Do My Job’Barr complained about Trump’s comments on DOJ matters, though his reported intervention regarding Roger Stone lined up with the president’s interests.
  34. department of justice
    Attorney General William Barr to Testify Before House Judiciary on March 31Lawmakers want to know why Barr intervened in Roger Stone’s sentencing recommendations — and a whole lot more.
  35. department of justice
    William Barr Intervened to Ease Sentencing Rec for Convicted Trump Ally: ReportAttorney General Barr reportedly involved himself with Roger Stone’s case to lessen his sentencing recommendation.
  36. politics
    William Barr Is Trump’s Most Powerful LawyerThe Attorney General is exercising the full force of the Justice Department to defend a president in crisis.
  37. james comey
    Justice Department Report: Comey Broke Rules With LeaksThe report also notes that the department declined to prosecute Comey, which won’t keep Trump from claiming vindication for his witch-hunt charges.
  38. mueller time
    House Democrats Strike Deal With DOJ for Mueller Report DetailsIn return, the House will not vote on holding Barr in contempt. It’s a truce, not a treaty, in the war between Democrats and the Trump administration.
  39. 25th amendment
    The FBI’s Aborted Plan to Remove Trump From Office Was DelusionalAndrew McCabe says the DOJ considered lobbying Trump’s Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment. That sounds undemocratic — but it’s really just dumb.
  40. russia investigation
    After Somehow Failing to Get Fired, Rod Rosenstein Is Expected to QuitOnce William Barr is confirmed as attorney general, the deputy AG who hired Mueller and infuriated Trump is expected to leave the DOJ.
  41. donald trump
    Trump Asked the White House Counsel to Instruct DOJ to Prosecute His EnemiesDonald McGahn warned Trump this sort of thinking could get him impeached. But he didn’t listen.
  42. politics
    Report: Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker Is a Tough GuyDuring his time working with “scam” company World Patent Marketing, Whitaker allegedly “threatened” a man over complaints against the firm.
  43. department of justice
    When Matthew Whitaker Ran ‘a Chop Shop of Fake Ethics Complaints’“It was one of the hackier things I ever saw,” said one GOP operative. “If you wanted to be treated seriously you have to do serious work.”
  44. department of justice
    The New Acting Attorney General Is Suffocatingly NormalAn old tweet is worth a thousand words, or something.
  45. department of justice
    Sessions Was Loyal to Trumpism, But Not Trump, and That Was His UndoingWith a Democratic House and the Mueller investigation both looming, copacetic ideology wasn’t enough to satisfy Trump anymore.
  46. jeff sessions
    Attorney General Jeff Sessions Resigns at Trump’s RequestHis interim replacement, Matthew Whitaker, once mused that a new attorney general could foil the Mueller probe by defunding it.
  47. chicago
    Trump: Stop-and-Frisk Will Save ChicagoThe law and order president wants to stop crime with an unconstitutional practice.
  48. census
    Memo Contradicts Ross’s Rationale For Adding Citizenship Question to CensusWilbur Ross insisted that he didn’t add the question to deliberately under-count immigrants, but rather, to protect black Americans’ voting rights.
  49. ‘New Information’ Leads DOJ to Reopen Emmett Till Murder CaseIn a book released last year, the woman who had accused Till of harassing her admitted it was a lie.
  50. Chaos on the Border, Chaos in TrumplandThe messy and confusing implementation of the president’s wishes on border policy resembles nothing so much as the travel-ban nightmare.
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