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  1. scotus
    SCOTUS Eases Rules for Deporting Ex-Con ImmigrantsIt’s another ruling that makes it easier for the Trump administration to strike fear in the hearts of those it calls “criminal aliens.”
  2. immigration
    Former MS-13 Member Who Secretly Helped Police Is DeportedAn immigration judge said he had no choice but to deny asylum to the teen who cooperated with authorities only to be jailed with those he informed on.
  3. Georgia GOP Candidate’s ‘Deportation Bus,’ Like His Campaign, Breaks DownGOP gubernatorial candidate Michael Williams is going nowhere fast, but the general-election showdown in November is becoming more interesting.
  4. Trump Administration Ends Protection for Last Big Emergency Migrant Population86,000 Hondurans join 200,000 Salvadoreans and others from dangerous places being shown the door by the Trump administration.
  5. Gorsuch Sides With Court Liberals — But Follows Scalia — in Deportation CaseIf someone can explain to Trump that his pet SCOTUS Justice was just following Scalia, he may remain calm about a decision stopping deportations.
  6. In Win For Bipartisanship, High Court Upholds Indefinite Detention of ImmigrantsA district court ruled that immigrants contesting deportation have a right to bond hearings. The government, under both Trump and Obama, disagreed.
  7. Trump May Try to Deport Legal Immigrants Who Get Federal BenefitsIn another big lurch in efforts to restrict legal immigration, Trump is mulling an order that would treat many people here legally as parasites.
  8. Ravi Ragbir Doesn’t Want to Be a SymbolThe immigration-rights activist faces his own deportation. His case will be front and center at Trump’s first State of the Union address.
  9. Deportations Are Down Under Trump, But Arrests of Non-Criminal Immigrants SurgeThe number of non-criminal immigrants arrested in 2017 increased by 250 percent.
  10. Could Trump Hold Dreamers Hostage for Border-Wall Funding?The administration may be forced by the courts to cancel protection for Dreamers. So it could be time for a grand bargain to get border-wall funding.
  11. Making Sense of Trump’s Announcement About DreamersHe left in place a policy protecting young undocumented immigrants while canceling protections for their parents. It’s unclear what’s next.
  12. Supreme Court Not Amused by DoJ’s Argument on Deporting Naturalized Citizens“Oh, come on!” said Chief Justice Roberts on hearing the argument.
  13. In Mexico, Trump Administration Promises There Will Be ‘No Mass Deportations’Hours after Trump called his plan for immigration enforcement a “military operation,” DHS secretary Kelly assured Mexico that it is no such thing.
  14. Administration Rattles Sabers at Undocumented ImmigrantsMaybe the plan is to deport millions, or frighten the undocumented into self-deporting. Either way, a big shift in immigration policy is underway.
  15. well-oiled machine
    More White House Chaos Over Anti-Immigrant Policy DraftThe Associated Press has a draft of a memo that suggests deploying as many as 100,000 National Guard troops.
  16. undocumented immigrants
    Hundreds Arrested During Nationwide Surge of Immigration RaidsActivists are worried that Trump’s widespread crackdown is now underway, but the government insists the raids are just business as usual.
  17. Trump’s Immigration Blitz: A ‘Self-Deportation’ Strategy Taken to ExtremesBut no mass deportation.
  18. immigration
    Trump Says He Will Deport 2-3 Million Undocumented ImmigrantsHe claims they will all be criminals, and now acknowledges that the border wall might just be a fence in some places.
  19. Did Donald Trump Just Help the Cause of Comprehensive Immigration Reform?Trump is trying to convince his base that they care more about building a wall than deporting 11 million people. That could help make reform possible.
  20. immigration
    Queens Teen Faces Deportation TodayNadia Habib left Bangladesh when she was just 20 months old.
  21. early and often
    Meg Whitman Is Just ‘Heartbroken’ About Insisting Her Former Housekeeper Be DeportedThis hurts me more than it hurts you.
  22. the morning line
    No Thanks • The police blotter shows no intention of taking a holiday. In the West Village, a New Yorker’s after-dark nightmare came to life when a woman hailing a taxi was kidnapped and raped by the three men who offered her a ride. The nearby NYU dorm is abuzz with freaked-out students exchanging stories. [NYP] • And in this heartwarming Thanksgiving bit, an estranged gay son came home to reestablish contact with his Brooklyn parents; what he found was Dad’s bones, which the mother had squirreled away to continue picking up his Social Security checks. [NYDN] • So much for the fantasy Spielberg offered in The Terminal: A judge rules that a Harlem grocery clerk’s deportation to Somalia shouldn’t be affected by the fact that Somalia, well, has no government and is currently kinda-sorta run by an Islamist junta. The deportee’s pro bono lawyer is furious. [NYT] • In what’s shaping up as the worst week in race relations since Katrina, MTA executive Gary Dellaverson stands accused of racism after joking to the reporters that he was “putting needles in [his] Roger Toussaint doll.” Al Sharpton is already calling for Dellaverson’s resignation, saying — and we quote — the remark was “the same as if he said, ‘I want to stick pins in my Al Sharpton watermelon.’” Except that actually, Al, no, it’s not. [amNY] • And just to break up the relentless gloom of today’s news, the Black Eyed Peas won three American Music Awards. Wait, that’s just as depressing as the other ones. [Newsday]