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  1. just asking questions
    The Grim New Consensus on Social Media and Teen DepressionPsychologist Jean Twenge discusses all the evidence that Instagram and TikTok are making kids miserable.
  2. Bernie Sanders Rules Out Election Night SuicideThe Vermont senator says that if Trump is elected, “[I’ll] try to overcome my depression.”
  3. Everything I Know I Learned From Gus the Depressed Polar Bear We just need Enrichment.
  4. autopsy results
    Autopsy Reveals Mary Kennedy Was on Three Antidepressants When She DiedBut no alcohol.
  5. economic indicators
    Depression Can Cause Wall Street Traders to Make Bad CallsThey tend to go with the long shot.
  6. all the sad young college students
    Are College Students Really More Depressed Than They Used to Be?We are skeptical.
  7. the greatest depression
    The Benjamin Button EconomyIt’s not contracting, it’s getting YOUNGER.
  8. numbers game
    Breaking: Rich People Happy About Being RichWhile much of the country falls into the Great Depression of 2008, some individuals remain joyful.