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  1. transit
    First Look: New York’s Digital Subway Map Comes Alive TodayAnd, almost incidentally, it resolves a five-decade fight for graphics supremacy.
  2. cityscape
    Two New Buildings Break Free of the Glass StraitjacketFaçade materials that are able to show their age.
  3. design
    New York Got to Vote for One of Five New License Plates. They’re All Awful.The state has a history of great — even iconic — designs for plates. Why is the latest batch of choices so dismal?
  4. design
    The Labyrinthian Hell of the Prime Day InterfaceEven during its marquee sales event, Amazon’s website is nearly unusable.
  5. cityscape
    New York City Is Still a Disaster for the DisabledOld infrastructure and grudging compliance add up to only moderate progress toward accessibility.
  6. gone-y ive
    Jony Ive Is Leaving Apple (to Start a New Design Firm That Works With Apple)The legendary designer, who created the iPod and iPhone, is on his way out.
  7. cityscape
    TWA Takes Flight Again, Without Leaving the GroundSure, it whitewashes the past some. But can you imagine a better place to have a drink when your flight is delayed?
  8. That EPA Seal Scott Pruitt Hates? He Can Blame Neil Gorsuch’s Mother.When she ran the agency under Reagan, she went out of her way to save a dated logo from extinction.
  9. select all
    The Samsung Frame Is a TV for People Who Hate How TVs LookSamsung Frame Review: A TV That Doesn’t Look Like a TV.
  10. When Culture Feels Like O’Hare: On the Shed and the Giant-Sizing of MoMAGiant-sizing our culture.
  11. WATCH: A Camera Inexplicably Made Out of Cardboard That Actually WorksIt’s real, and it’s magnificent.
  12. This Self-Watering Flowerpot Tips Over When It Needs a RefillHouseplants are now safe from negligence — and long vacations.
  13. These Tepee-Shaped Buildings Were Designed to Be a Pop-up Nursing Home in JapanThere’s even a pool.
  14. This Artist 3-D-Prints His Work With ClayArtist Taekyeom Lee built a 3-D printer and clay extruder that can produce small- and medium-scale ceramic objects.
  15. This Robotic Furniture Is the Answer to Tiny ApartmentsIf you’re cool with living alongside robots, that is.
  16. These Computer Animations of Chinese Opera Dancing Are Bizarrely MesmerizingThe coolest thing you’ll see all day.
  17. This Mildly Ridiculous Furniture Is Designed to Support Your Smartphone MarriageMeet the Slumpie.
  18. Hong Kong Is Taking Micro Apartments to Another LevelLooks like “Transformer”-style furniture is the way of the future. 
  19. 5 Crazy 3-D-Printed Things That Actually ExistWelcome to your future.
  20. Millions of People Online Designed This Beautiful Swedish HouseWelcome to the “House of Clicks.”
  21. Kazuyo Sejima Designed an Invisible TrainArchitect Kazuyo Sejima’s nearly invisible train is coming to Japan in 2018.
  22. the urbanist
    A Guide to Los Angeles’s Wildly Inventive New Architecture These buildings embrace nature, density, and public space.
  23. design
    China Is Breaking Up With Its Weird, Wacky Architecture The experimental, anything-goes days are over. And that’s really bad news for U.S. firms. 
  24. laguardia airport
    La Guardia, Before and After: The NYC Airport Most in Need of a MakeoverPlans for an overhaul versus photos of the current mold.
  25. real estate
    Williamsburg Bachelor Builds Snow Fort of Our DreamsWe would like to RSVP.
  26. party chat
    Anderson Cooper Was Unaware That His Mother Has a Life-Size Cutout of Him in Her Living RoomThat means he probably doesn’t know about ours, either.
  27. license plates
    State of the Plate: 100 Years of New York License Plate DesignsWith commentary by ‘New York’ architecture critic Justin Davidson.
  28. reality stars with actual skills
    9 by Design’s Novogratz Family Sign On to Design Mexican HotelIsn’t it fun when reality stars have actual skills?
  29. media deathwatch
    Surfing Editor’s Ride Is OverMeanwhile, Google doesn’t understand why the AP is so angry when it’s just trying to help them, and other news on the changing media.
  30. What If You Could Redesign the White House?Last night, entries in a design competition to reimagine the ‘ultimate symbol of power’ were unveiled in Nolita.
  31. in other news
    Nicholas Bartha, Arne Jacobsen, and High-End Real-Estate FlippingRemember Dr. Nicholas Bartha, the psychotic Upper East Side doctor who blew up his townhouse with himself in it rather than sell the thing to pay his ex-wife the divorce settlement she was owed? Yeah, well, the Times has a profile today of Janna Bullock, the Russian-born developer who bought the now-empty lot for $8.3 million, plans to build “a Modernist-style house with a green roof and an underground pool” on it, and then, she says, sell the thing, in one to four years, for $30 to $40 million. (A place on East 67th she bought for $10.5 million is now on the market for $35 million.) Our friends at Curbed (we think we’re still friends with them, yes?) are moderately in awe of her flipping talents but even more in awe of her publicity-shot locale: Yes, that’s her, photographed in the empty lot that was once the Bartha house. Us? We’re even more impressed by her photo styling. The dilapidated Arne Jacobsen egg chair she’s sitting in? On the dilapidated lot on which she plans to build a modernist icon? Genius. Buy High, Sell Higher [NYT via Curbed]
  32. in other news
    Our New York Age, and Surprising Typographic ChoicesOn an inside page of this week’s edition, Time Out asks an interesting question: Uh, we’ll be turning 40 next year. Thanks for asking. All best, What’s Your New York Age? [TONY]
  33. photo op
    Location, Location, Location Next month, Christie’s will auction a 1951 prefab aluminum house designed modernist icon Jean Prouve, but, for now, it’s on display on the Long Island City waterfront. The auction house estimates the Maison Tropicale, as it’s called, one of only three constructed, will sell for $4 to $6 million; the winner bidder will receive simply a kit, a collection of metal parts. (“Like an Ikea piece, but bigger,” as the Times described it this week.) Which is a shame: $6 million for these views is a steal. Related: From Africa to Queens Waterfront, a Modernist Gem for Sale to the Highest Bidder [NYT]
  34. cultural capital
    Meatpacking Asserts Its Relevance This WeekendThough sofas and desklamps don’t have their own catwalks in Bryant Park, our city is currently awash in product-design festivals. If you can’t follow the clean lines at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair currently at Javits, you may enjoy the more accessible Meatpacking District Design Week, which begins this weekend. Clothier Jussara Lee offers an installation about climate impact, and shops like An Earnest Cut and Sew (bicycles), Auto (wedding rings) and Bodum (coffee) feature elegant takes on the everyday. The gathering emphasizes the “collision” of product design with art and fashion; New York’s Janet Ozzard will be on Saturday’s panel exploring that notion. (The magazine sponsors this and two other discussions.) Don’t get cowed: Promoter Abe Gurko promises that “the whole experience is designed for non-snobs.” So go see Karim Rashid’s Day-Glo chairs (left), tour the market building that will eventually house the Whitney, and weave in and out of cocktail parties every night. You can collide all you like. —Alec Appelbaum
  35. cultural capital
    Brooklyn Design Weekend Balances Shopping With Eco-Fear Got $12? Head to the canyons of Dumbo for BKLYN Designs, a three-day expo that kicks off Design Week today. You can browse end tables with spidery legs and kids’ chairs with Frank Gehry contours, all from local artisans. (New York is one of the event’s sponsors.) And since unregenerate consumerism is so, well, Manhattan, you can balance every splurge with an earnest discussion.
  36. intel
    Dining By Design, in Style and for Charity Dining By Design, an annual charity thingie that plops society types down to dine among phantasmagoric table settings, is a reliable showcase of ingenuity with a serious tranny undercurrent (John Waters did a table once; Amanda Lepore was a table once). This year, DBD’s tenth, there was a palpable sense of overdrive in the West Chelsea event space: Most table designers were piling on feathers, antlers, holograms, lenticulars, fruit hats, and drag queens with corporate-sponsored abandon. On the tamer end, Ralph Lauren erected a mosquito-netted gazebo. Disney’s table recalled, curiously, a boardroom. Nautica went with the oh-my-God-we’re-on-a-yacht theme. In a slight faux pas, the Cole&Garrett and Lexus tables used the exact same chairs.
  37. intel
    Milton Glaser Continues to Love New YorkThere was news yesterday that the Empire State Development Corporation, the state’s economic-development agency, wants to freshen up the famous “I ♥ New York” ad campaign. “We are looking to actively reenergize and reinvigorate the brand,” they said in an ad. The iconic logo was designed in 1977 by Milton Glaser, who also designed New York magazine, which he helped found. We called him yesterday to see how he feels about his baby’s impending face-lift.
  38. 21 questions
    For Todd Oldham, Brunch Is a PrisonName: Todd Oldham Age: 45 Job: Designer and host of Bravo’s Top Design, premiering tonight. Neighborhood: Tribeca Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? So many. Susan Sarandon, Stuart Davis, Andy Warhol … What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York? Any one of my trips to Lupe’s. Best Mexican food in New York. In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job? I design and make things all day.