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  1. today in donald trump
    Trump Successfully Reads Prepared Remarks at Black Detroit ChurchHe said he was there to listen and learn, then saw Ben Carson’s house and left.
  2. Trump Will Try Not to Be Himself During Interview With Black PastorThe Trump campaign has pre-written the candidate’s answers for his interview at a black church in Detroit this weekend.
  3. Troops to Aid City That’s Gone Months Without Drinkable Tap Water, in AmericaThe National Guard heads to Flint, where 99,000 Americans have been drinking tainted tap water for months.
  4. deadly sins
    Detroit Pastor Shoots Man in His Church“This (expletive) got my (expletive) pregnant. Tick tock (expletive) and everybody with you.”
  5. moving on up
    Detroit to Finally Get Out of BankruptcyThe emergency manager is also stepping down.
  6. detroit
    Detroit Power Grid Goes Down, Leaving Much of the City in the DarkThe outage affected public buildings like schools, police departments, and jails.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘I Was Not Going to Cower,’ Says Homeowner Who Fatally Shot Unarmed Teen54-year-old Theodore Wafer took the stand to describe the night he killed 19-year-old Renisha McBride.
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    Trayvon in Detroit? A Renisha McBride Shooting ExplainerTheodore Wafer has been charged with murder.
  9. muni meltdown
    Detroit Is Having Its Art Collection AppraisedHard to watch.
  10. the national interest
    How Detroit Really Is Like AmericaReflections on an urban tragedy.
  11. muni meltdown
    Detroit Is BankruptIt’s the largest city in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy.
  12. st patrick’s day
    The Best of the Worst of St. Patrick’s DayBinge drinking time is over; binge video-watching time begins.
  13. cold case
    Police to Search for Jimmy Hoffa’s Remains Under Suburban Detroit DrivewayA man dying of cancer contacted police with information.
  14. bon mots
    Mayor Bloomberg: ‘Let Immigrants Come, As Long As They Go to Detroit’“You would populate Detroit overnight.”
  15. terrorble
    Man Arrested for Alleged Plot to Attack a Detroit MosqueRoger Stockham was found outside the mosque in his car.
  16. winning the lotto
    After Buying Powerball Ticket at a Detroit Porn Shop, Friends Win Over $120 Million“Everything has changed.”
  17. tarpies
    Tim Geithner: Prone to ‘Odd Fits of Giggling’The auto industry gives Tim Geithner the giggles.
  18. the greatest depression
    GM Emerges From Bankruptcy, Much Faster Than ExpectedWith the sale of its good assets to a government-controlled group, the auto giant exits Chapter 11.
  19. what other people think
    Will Obama’s Auto-Emission Plan Actually Work?Some worry that nobody will want to buy the more expensive, fuel-efficient cars.
  20. don’t forget the motor city
    GM Will Likely Shut Down Plants for Longer This SummerAs opposed to the normal two-week production break, sources at GM say the company may take up to nine weeks off in order to reduce inventory.
  21. early and often
    Obama Offers GM and Chrysler a Tough New DealBut will it actually work? The commentariat weighs in.
  22. early and often
    In Detroit, Obama Administration Takes the WheelThe president pushes out the CEO of GM and gives it, and Chrysler, some firm deadlines.
  23. early and often
    Is Bankruptcy the Answer for Automakers?Today’s editorial pages are full of opinions on the Detroit mess.
  24. early and often
    What You Need to Know About the Auto-Industry BailoutAfter numerous hearings and fervid demands that car-company CEOs repent with symbolic gestures, Congress has nearly settled on a plan.
  25. ad wars
    Obama’s Latest Attack Ad Is Just SillyThe ad attacks McCain for owning (get ready to gasp) … three foreign-made cars! Out of thirteen!