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  1. architecture
    What Was Trump Tower?His co-star, his political launch pad, his longest-term companion.
  2. shootings
    Shooting Reported at Los Angeles International Airport [Updated]A suspect is reportedly in custody after opening fire.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Man Shot Dead Near Central Park [Updated]The gunman is reportedly on the loose.
  4. developing
    One Dead in East River Helicopter Crash [Updated]Rescuers are on the scene.
  5. international news
    No Radiation Leaking in French Nuclear Plant Explosion [Updated]A blast at Marcoule in southern France killed one person this morning.
  6. september 11
    The World Trade Center Memorial Is Opening on Time. How Did That Happen?We talk to Port Authority chief of staff Drew Warshaw.
  7. developing
    Virginia Tech on High Alert After Witnesses Report GunmanPolice have not yet found anyone matching the witnesses’ description.
  8. developing
    Only One Man Is Willing to Save One Madison ParkAnd you don’t know who it is.
  9. world trade center
    Glimmering Sheath Around Base of One World Trade Center NixedIt’s already cost $10 million.
  10. developing
    Observer: The Dursts Are the Most Important People in New York City Real EstateThey edged out Andrew Cuomo.
  11. atlantic yards
    Apartments, Parks, Mall, and Office Space May Never Get Built at Atlantic Yards, EVERBruce Ratner finally admits it.
  12. developing
    Robert De Niro Doesn’t Have to Chop the Top Off of His Tribeca Hotel After AllA victory for urban contextualism?
  13. real estate
    Robert Tishman, Co-Founder of Tishman Speyer, DiesHe was 94.
  14. neighborhood news
    Foreclosure on Stuyvesant Town Okayed by JudgeLenders are owed over $3.6 billion — not that they’re going to get it.
  15. vanity projects
    Graydon Carter Eyes Museum Addition to His Principality of PoshThe ‘Vanity Fair’ editor hopes to move a photography museum to a lovely old building on the far West Side.
  16. atlantic yards
    Dan Goldstein, Atlantic Yards’ Last Holdout, Steps Aside for $3 MillionThat’s for a condo he bought in 2003 for $590,000.
  17. the cuddle muddle
    In Spite of It All, Paterson Still Has Sense of Humor at Atlantic Yards Groundbreaking“I thought I was at my own funeral for a moment.”
  18. atlantic yards
    Why the Atlantic Yards Is Currently a Loser for Everyone, Even RatnerHappy Groundbreaking Day!
  19. developing
    Justin Davidson on the Defeat of Architect Robert Scarano Jr.Scarano’s designs perfectly capture today’s rapacious spirit: Glitter and be greedy, and try not to get caught.
  20. developing
    Trump Soho Opening Later, CheaperApril is the first day you can rent out a room, it seems.
  21. real estate
    Paul, Weiss to Represent Stuyvesant Town Residents As They Ponder Bid to Buy ComplexThe powerhouse law firm will not seek compensation for its work.
  22. neighborhood news
    Pastor Laments Landmarking of Own ChurchThe West-Park Presbyterian Church has been saved! But for whom?
  23. neighborhood news
    City Finally Buys Seven Key Acres on Coney Island BoardwalkFor $95.6 million, the city can finally start building the amusement park of their dreams.
  24. developing
    Brooklyn and Queens Third-Quarter Market Report: Everything’s Coming Up … OkayThird-quarter real-estate market reports for Brooklyn and Queens indicate housing in the boroughs has not yet hit bottom.
  25. developing
    Mikhail Prokhorov May Save Ratner’s Atlantic Yards Project, But It’s Not a Sure ThingThere are several obvious hurdles to this deal.
  26. neighborhood news
    Davidson: The High Line? How About Hudson River Park?The High Line hoopla has overshadowed the protracted birth of Manhattan’s other new green strip.
  27. developing
    Manhattan Housing Market Is Feeling the PainSales of Manhattan homes have plunged, according to reports released today.
  28. developing
    Brooklyn Real-estate Market Reports: More Sobering NewsThe real world hits Brooklyn, real-estate-wise.
  29. developing
    Trump Soho Defeats Foes in New York Supreme CourtThe tower can indeed open as a “Use Group 5 Transient Hotel.”
  30. real estate porn
    ‘Vanity Fair’ Pries Back Plaza VeneerMore troubling reports from inside the newly renovated landmark.
  31. developing
    Gary Barnett, Manhattan Real Estate’s Beacon of HopeBarnett says Extell will draw on its land bank to deliver new residential projects in as soon as nine months.
  32. developing
    NYC Real-Estate Developer Offers ‘Obama Contingency’The developers behind Chelsea’s condo building +aRT are offering an election special.
  33. neighborhood watch
    We’re Gonna Drywall Like It’s 1997The city’s construction workforce soon down to pre-Lewinsky levels!
  34. developing
    New York Sports Teams Abandon Home Turf in Time of NeedFor guys who get ticker-tape parades down Wall Street, the owners of the city’s major sports franchises sure don’t seem to mind leaving the city in the lurch.
  35. developing
    Clarity Emerges at Ground Zero, and Larry Silverstein Clearly Is Not a Key IngredientLarry Silverstein’s office towers are in jeopardy and nobody in government is too worried about salvaging them.
  36. developing
    The New York Real-Estate Boom: R.I.P.The ‘Times’ and the ‘Post’ both ran obituaries for the city real-estate bubble today.
  37. neighborhood watch
    Market Crash Will Not Stop Play-Doh Park From Rising on West SideLook at these pretty (and delicious) renderings of potential Hudson Yards development!
  38. developing
    The Plaza Fights Back Against Andrei VavilovNow El-Ad, the developers behind the new Plaza hotel, are suing the Russian financier over his ‘defamatory’ complaints about his penthouse apartment.
  39. developing
    Buyers Flipping Out Over Plaza ConditionsBuckling floors? Ceilings caving in? Tiny windows? What is this, the Lower East Side?
  40. accidents
    Another Construction-Worker DeathThis time it was a worker at a tower on 41st Street and Eleventh Avenue. It’s unclear why the scaffolding gave way, but the result was a deadly plunge of 40 stories.
  41. developing
    Planned South Street Seaport Redevelopment Looks Kinda CoolWe’re thinking it could persuade locals, mistrustful of any proposals to overhaul the waterfront, that the developers might not actually destroy the very fabric of their lives.
  42. developing
    Port Authority About to Tell Us Whom to Blame for WTC DelaysA report is due out today citing seventeen to twenty causes for construction and planning setbacks.
  43. developing
    Chuck Prince Can’t Get Out of the Greenwich GhettoThe former Citigroup CEO cannot unload his multi-million-dollar mansion. Must be the economy!
  44. developing
    Brooklyn Architect Robert Scarano Put on NoticeThe Department of Buildings has filed charges against him.
  45. developing
    Chrysler Building to Be Sold to Abu DhabiThe country’s investment group is set to shell out $800 million for a 75 percent ownership stake in the landmark.
  46. developing
    Robert De Niro Pisses Off the Wrong Small Group of BureaucratsThe actor flagrantly disobeyed the Landmarks Commission when building a penthouse atop his Greenwich Hotel, and they are threatening to go all Eliot Ness on him.
  47. developing
    The Million-Dollar TerraceAll for a place to sneak off for a cigarette.
  48. developing
    New Port Authority Chief Not So Sure About This Atlantic YardsChris Ward, due to take over the Port Authority this month, suggests to us that he thinks Bruce Ratner should consider recruiting architects other than Frank Gehry.
  49. developing
    Williamsburg to Be Populated by Perfect, Plastic People by 2010Or so we are led to believe by this marketing tool for Williamsburg’s Edge condo development.
  50. developing
    Bad News for Both of Santiago Calatrava’s Lower-Manhattan ProjectsBureaucratic holdups and funding failures are slowing the Word Trade Center transit hub and have killed the starchitect’s “Sky Cubes” residential tower.
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