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  1. the national interest
    Paul Ryan Is the Silent Partner in Trump’s War on the Rule of LawThe House Speaker isn’t just watching this happen. He is directing the action. And nobody ever asks him about it.
  2. conspiracy theories
    Why an Unreleased 4-Page Memo From Devin Nunes Is Causing a Frenzy on the RightThe memorandum, written by Nunes staff members, has the conservative media fired up. But if it’s really so explosive why isn’t it public?
  3. The Susan Rice Scandal Is Based on ‘Absolutely Nothing’: ReportAnd House Republicans know it. But they’re going to keep investigating it anyway.
  4. Lawmakers Say Classified Docs Don’t Support Nunes’s Surveillance ClaimsA bipartisan group of lawmakers sees no scandal in the documents that led the White House to accuse Obama of something “worse than Watergate.”
  5. Devin Nunes Steps Aside From Russia InvestigationNunes will leave the gig to spend more time defending himself against ethics charges.
  6. Devin Nunes Isn’t a Joke Back HomeThe much-derided chairman of the House Intelligence Committee is not in any kind of tangible political trouble in his conservative district.
  7. the national interest
    House Republicans to Trump: Steal All You WantWe interrupt the House Republican “civil war” to bring you a supposedly independent branch working for the president.
  8. Nunes Admits He Briefed Trump on Information Confirmed by the White HouseWhy did the House Intelligence Committee chairman rush to tell the president about information his staffers already had?
  9. Oops! Congressman ‘Misspoke’ When He Said House Intel Chair ‘Works for’ TrumpFlorida Representative Ted Yoho momentarily forgot that congresspeople are elected by the people, not the president.
  10. White House Officials Alerted Nunes to Incidental Surveillance of Trump TeamLast week, Nunes directed attention away from his own investigation into Russia by suggesting that Trump’s team had been improperly surveilled.
  11. Devin Nunes Seems to Have Paralyzed the House Intelligence Committee“Effectively, what has happened is the committee’s oversight, the oversight of our national intelligence apparatus, has come to a halt.”
  12. Trump Asked for Veto Power Over Sally Yates’s Testimony at Russia HearingThe former acting attorney general refused — then, Devin Nunes canceled her hearing.
  13. Trump Would Prefer That the House Intelligence Committee Investigate ClintonHe tweeted amid increasing scrutiny of Republican Devin Nunes’s handling of the Russia probe.
  14. Nunes Had Secret White House Meeting Before Claiming Trump Team Was SurveilledLast week, the GOP lawmaker suggested the intelligence community mistreated Trump’s team. The night before, he met with a source at the White House.
  15. Schiff Says Nunes Canceled Russia Hearing to Protect TrumpThe Republican House Intelligence chair abruptly canceled an open hearing Friday. The committee’s ranking Democrat cries foul.
  16. Republican Leading Russia Investigation Admits ‘Duty and Obligation’ to TrumpDevin Nunes, who worked on the Trump transition, is having trouble letting go of old allegiances.
  17. The Right Spreads Baseless Lie That Nunes Just Validated Trump’s Baseless LiesEven if the House Intelligence Chair’s allegations are true, they do not remotely vindicate the president’s “wiretap” claims.
  18. GOP House Intel Chair: Trump Team Was Legally Surveilled During TransitionNunes just disclosed (ostensibly) classified information to the public and president, in an apparent breach of protocol.
  19. At Comey Hearing, GOP Goes Into Full Anti-Anti-Trump ModeThe argument of the day seemed to be that “deep state” leaks are a bigger threat to liberty than Russia’s election meddling.
  20. Trump Stands By ‘Wiretap’ Claim — Even As House Intel Committee Rejects It“Wiretap covers a lot of different things.”