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    Dharun Ravi Won’t Be Deported, Leaves Jail Early [Updated]He’ll be released on Tuesday, after serving only twenty days.
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    Dharun Ravi Apologizes for ‘Stupid’ ChoicesHe’ll report to jail on Thursday for his crimes against Tyler Clementi.
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    Dharun Ravi Gets 30 Days in Jail, ProbationTyler Clementi’s former roommate will do time.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    Prosecutors Want Jail Time, But Not Maximum Sentence for Dharun RaviTyler Clementi’s family agrees.
  5. crimes and misdemeanors
    Dharun Ravi Does Not Regret Turning Down Plea DealTyler Clementi’s roommate at Rutgers insists he did not commit a hate crime.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Dharun Ravi Found Guilty of Most Charges in Tyler Clementi Spying TrialA New Jersey jury found Ravi guilty on a majority of counts, including invasion of privacy, but not guilty of bias intimidation.
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    Dharun Ravi Trial Going to JuryBoth sides delivered summations today in the case against Tyler Clementi’s Rutgers roommate.
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    Prosecution Rests Case Against Dharun RaviThe former Rutgers student might testify.
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    Tyler Clementi’s Suicide Largely Skirted at Ravi Trial“My preference is we don’t talk about it,” said the judge.
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    Tyler Clementi’s Date Testifies AnonymouslyThe Rutgers invasion-of-privacy trial of Dharun Ravi continues.
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    Early Testimony Heard in Trial for Tyler Clementi’s RoommateThe other accused bullyer took the stand.
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    Dharun Ravi Trial Begins in New JerseyTyler Clementi’s Rutgers roommate faces fifteen counts, including bias intimidation and invasion of privacy.
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    Tyler Clementi’s Rutgers Roommate Rejects Plea DealThe Rutgers suicide saga is not over yet.
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    Court Documents Show Tyler Clementi and His Roommate Acted Like TeenagersBoth were cruel in newly released IM transcripts.
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    Tyler Clementi’s Roommate Indicted on Fifteen CountsHe faces up to five years in prison.
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    Lawyers for Rutgers Students Argue That No One Saw the Tyler Clementi TapeDharun Ravi’s defense strategy seems at odds with his tweets.
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    Rutgers Students Who Secretly Filmed Tyler Clementi Withdraw From SchoolThey won’t face disciplinary hearings at the university.
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    Rutgers Suspects Haven’t Been to Class“[Wei] definitely feels bad.”
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    Tyler Clementi’s Parents Call for ‘Human Dignity’“Needless to say, public attention has been intense.”