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  1. family separation
    Jeff Sessions Reportedly Told U.S. Attorneys ‘We Need to Take Away Children’A Department of Justice draft IG report claims that former heads Sessions and Rosenstein spearheaded the family separation of children and infants.
  2. corruption
    Trump Orders Agencies to Aid His Campaign — and Its Violent SupportersThe president is stuffing self-promotional letters into food-aid boxes and giving pro-vigilante talking points to Homeland Security staffers.
  3. department of homeland security
    Whistleblower Alleges DHS Head Tried to Alter Intelligence to Fit Trump RhetoricA DHS official claims that Acting Director Chad Wolf told him to downplay Russia’s election-interference threat because it made Trump “look bad.”
  4. portland
    Trump Administration Sends More Federal Officers to PortlandThe 100-plus federal agents at the courthouse have made the unrest worse. As many as 150 more are reportedly on their way.
  5. portland
    Trump’s Military Tactics in Portland Will Likely BackfireJust because law enforcement officers can take certain action doesn’t mean they should.
  6. immigration
    Kris Kobach to Trump: I Can’t Be an Effective Adviser Without 24/7 Jet AccessThe GOP’s “populist” anti-immigration guru told the White House he won’t serve his country unless he’s given an on-call plane, other perks.
  7. family separation
    Kirstjen Nielsen’s Testimony About the Border Was an Utter EmbarrassmentShe claimed ignorance on many of the most damning questions.
  8. politics
    Government Blames Death of 7-Year-Old Migrant on Parents“Once again, we are begging parents to not put themselves or their children at risk attempting to enter illegally.”
  9. The Obama Administration’s New Deportation Plan Could Be a Headache for ClintonA plan to deport hundreds of Central American families could put the Democratic front-runner between Barack and a hard place.
  10. Boehner Is So Ready to Be Done With All This DHS DramaThe Speaker of the House cites a possible terrorist attack as a reason to just fund the department.
  11. GOP Can’t Find Votes to Pass Its Own DHS BillA Department of Homeland Security shutdown is looking more and more likely. 
  12. neighborhood watch
    City Will Give You a One-way Ticket to a Better LifeLook out, Paris!