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Diane Savino

  1. cuomolot
    Is Andrew Cuomo ‘Evolving’ on Medical Marijuana?He seems to be at least considering the possibility of supporting it.
  2. precautions
    New Law May Change Doctor’s Uniforms ForeverState Senator Diane Savino said banning ties will save lives.
  3. oh albany!
    Good Thing All the Violent Hotheads Are Out of the State Senate NowHeh, no, Hiram wasn’t the only one.
  4. equal rites
    State Senator Diane Savino: Gay-Rights Defender, Karaoke ArtistIn our interview with Diane Savino, one of the impassioned speakers from yesterday’s gay-marriage debate, we learn about a thing called “Legislative Idol.”
  5. equal rites
    Senate Democrat: Marriage Equality Should Get Another Go on TuesdayDiane Savino is optimistic.
  6. oh albany!
    Senate Somehow Manages to Top Previous RidiculousnessDemocratic senators claim to have 32 votes after a Republican briefly walks through the chamber.