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Dick Fuld

  1. whale fail
    Lehman Brothers Now Just Blaming Random Famous People for Its FailureIts new target: the London Whale.
  2. white men with money
    Dick Fuld Is Leaving His JobAgain.
  3. white men with money
    Lehman Lawyers Ask For Another $90 MillionMore legal trouble for ex-CEO Dick Fuld and friends?
  4. the gorilla
    Bankrupt Lehman Brothers Paid $500K to Prepare Dick Fuld for CongressThat’s money well spent.
  5. the gorilla
    Richard Fuld Falls On Hard Times?The former Lehman Brothers CEO is late on his property-tax payments.
  6. the gorilla
    Sometimes, There Were Tears Behind Dick Fuld’s ‘Famous Death Stares’The Lehman CEO did not like his nickname.
  7. white men with money
    WSJ Blows Up Richard Fuld’s Brunch SpotIt was his favorite restaurant, until today.
  8. gossipmonger
    Christie Brinkley Denying Son Simple Field Trip to EgyptJust to spite her ex, Peter Cook! Plus, Nicole Richie may do the ‘Gossip Girl’ finale! Plot ideas? In the gossip roundup.
  9. white women with money
    Dick Fuld Kind of a Crybaby, Says Former Lehman CFOBut the way he blubbered as his firm was going down the tubes was really sweet, says Erin Callan.
  10. scenes from a meltdown
    Squash Instructor Speaks Tenderly of Richard FuldHe’s a ‘special guy.’
  11. company town
    Rupert Murdoch to ‘Make’ Less Money Than Last YearHe only made $27.5 million in company compensation this year. Plus, Kent Brownridge steps down from ‘Maxim,’ Damon Dash has real-estate troubles, and more, in our daily industry roundup.
  12. company town
    McCain Campaign Rewarding Commenting SpammersPlus, the latest on Wall Street, Gold Street, and your street, in our daily industry roundup.
  13. company town
    Ana Marie Cox Comes Full Circle at ‘Radar’The founding Wonkette editor signs on to do irreverent political coverage for Maer’s magazine, another Charles Kushner associate goes down, and Andrew Cuomo noses around Dick Grasso’s package, in our daily roundup of news from the worlds of media, real estate, law, and finance.
  14. white men with money
    Steve Schwarzman, Jamie Dimon, and Dick Fuld’s Elephant Dance ContinuesYesterday, we told you we’d read in the Post that Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman went to visit J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon and Lehman CEO Dick Fuld, so that he could forgive them in person for having pulled the plug on financing for his PHH deal. But it turns out that maybe that was a total lie? “A person familiar with the matter says no such meetings took place, and that Schwarzman was, in fact, out of town when the meetings were supposed to have taken place,” the WSJ DealBlog reported today. However! The Journal does back up the Post source’s statement that Schwarzman didn’t want to be in a “pissing contest” with the banks, although their source used a different, though still penile, metaphor. “This person did say that Schwarzman decided a sword fight with the banks is of little value, and that it is hard to fault the banks for the stand they took.” Emphasis ours! Related: Steve Schwarzman Is Friends With Jamie Dimon and Dick Fuld Again