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Dick Ravitch

  1. early and often
    Judge Blocks Paterson’s Lt. Governor AppointeeDick Ravitch won’t be able to take office quite yet.
  2. oh albany!
    Espada: I’m Coming Home to DemocratsUnwilling to let David Paterson appear to solve the State Senate stalemate, rebel Democrat Pedro Espada says he’s returning to the fold and solving the problem that he started.
  3. oh albany!
    Paterson Names Dick Ravitch Lieutenant Governor [Updated]According to the ‘Times,’ the former MTA chair is the man Paterson thinks will solve the State Senate’s problems.
  4. the greatest depression
    Ulp! ‘Future of New York’ Conference Determines That the City Is Worse Off Than in 1975’The conditions then were very different’ — in a good way!