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  1. This 99-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Tail Is Covered in FeathersFound encased in amber, this tail provides an unprecedented glimpse at dinosaurs.
  2. New Evidence on How Dinosaurs Went ExtinctA recent study from the National Academy of Sciences posits dinosaurs may have been on the decline for a while. 
  3. Dinosaurs in Truck Vandalize Old Man’s LawnJust trust me.
  4. news of the weird
    At Year End, Florida Keeps a Strong Grasp on its Weird News ReignThis time with dinosaurs.
  5. it’s science
    Jurassic Park Isn’t Happening, EverBooo, science!
  6. eccentric billionaires are the best kind of billionaires
    Eccentric Australian Billionaire Wants to Build His Own Jurassic ParkWhat could go wrong?
  7. dinosaurs
    Custody Battle Over $1 Million T-Rex Skeleton Comes to ChelseaThe Mongolian government wants it back.
  8. flatulence
    Dinosaurs Warmed the Earth With Massive Dino FartsSauropods produced the most gas.
  9. school daze
    NYC DOE Scrapping Plan to Eliminate Dinosaurs and Unpleasant Topics From Citywide TestsCreatures from outer space are back in business.
  10. school daze
    Dinosaurs and Aliens Banned From Citywide TestsThe Department of Education is no fun at all. 
  11. photo op
    The Hidden Meaning Behind President Obama’s SignatureHint: Dinosaurs.
  12. land of the lost
    Stegosaurus Could Be the Latest Casualty of the ‘Bone Wars’R.I.P. stegosaurus (again).
  13. neighborhood news
    Bill Murray, Please Accept This Offer to Star in Jurassic Park SlopeA crew of Williamsburg hipsters have started a campaign to get the actor to star in a film one describes as “not just a movie, but a walking tour and a bar crawl.”