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Dirty Laundry

  1. intel
    Chace Crawford’s Stetson Cologne Auditions?We are under strict orders from our boss to keep our Gossip Girl posts down to just one a day, but sometimes life doesn’t go your way. Like today, for example. A tipster sent us the link to a cache of sixteen (possibly fake, definitely titillating) glamour-shot portraits of a young Chace Crawford. Are they early head shots? Are they cut-and-paste jobs like the ones of Daniel Radcliffe’s giant manballs that were racing around the Internet earlier this year? Or are they actually just test photos from Ian Somerhalder’s brief “Dirty Blond” experiment? We’re not sure. But something about the football-and-board-shorts photo smacks of full-on, Abercrombie-aspiring, local-mall-cattle-call-attending reality. After the jump, a couple more images that are sure to tickle your funny Nate Archibald bone. In the comments, let us know what you think. Are they real? Or are they just Chase’s head airbrushed onto Ian Thorpe’s (pre-carb-bloated) body?
  2. in other news
    Hearst CEO’s Mom Thinks He May Have An Oedipus ComplexOne of the best things about how much longer people are living these days is that old people are able to get up to so many more high jinks! This week the Village Voice goes to old folks central, Florida, to go for a spin in a Mercedes with Gertrude Ganzi, the 84-year-old mom of Hearst CEO Victor Ganzi. Apparently, Victor and his brothers are involved in a lawsuit against their mother over the family trust. (Their father was one of the founders of the Palm, so it’s a trust worth fighting over.)