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Disaster Funding

  1. Delirious December Gives Way to Jittery January As Congress Passes Spending BillCongress has kicked multiple cans down the road to January, but they won’t be able to stall any longer.
  2. Why the White House Requested a $5 Billion Loan for Puerto RicoIt addresses the island’s looming “liquidity crisis,” and doesn’t mean it won’t receive disaster aid available to other American citizens.
  3. Disaster-Funding Package Could Make Debt Default Fears Go Away for a Long TimeThe popular idea of packaging must-pass fiscal legislation with disaster relief has a new wrinkle: increasing the debt limit until after the midterms.
  4. Disaster Money May Give Congress a Way Out of Its Fiscal CrisisWith disaster funding for Texas becoming the ultimate must-pass legislation, Congress could use it as a way out of September’s fiscal crisis.