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  1. Spanish Train Driver Charged With 79 Homicides, Released on BailReportedly told judge he was traveling too fast.
  2. asiana airlines
    Asiana Might Sue KTVU, NTSB Over Fake Pilot NamesApparently their apologies weren’t enough.
  3. disasters
    Bay Area TV Station Airs Fake Asiana Pilot Names, NTSB Intern Is Blamed And a third passenger from the flight has died.
  4. disasters
    Asiana 214 Pilots Initially Delayed Evacuation OrderUntil a flight attendant spotted fire.
  5. disasters
    NTSB Accused of Encouraging ‘Wild Speculation,’ Blaming Pilots for Asiana CrashBy being too forthcoming about its investigation.
  6. scary things
    The Weekend’s Second Fatal Plane Crash Killed Ten in AlaskaNTSA says all ten aboard are dead.
  7. disasters
    Pilot in SFO Crash Was Training on a New PlaneAlso, one of the victims might have been run over by an emergency vehicle.
  8. disasters
    Nineteen Firefighters Killed in Arizona WildfireOne of the deadliest in U.S. history.
  9. disasters
    Bridge Collapses North of Seattle, Submerging CarsCause still unknown.
  10. disasters
    Bodies Recovered in Texas Blast, 12 Confirmed DeadRescuers are still searching the rubble.
  11. week from hell
    Week From Hell Continues As Flooded Illinois Town Is EvacuatedCan we catch a break here?
  12. Injuries, Destruction in Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion [Updated]Homes next to the West, Texas plant were leveled.
  13. boston bombing
    Third Marathon Victim Is a BU Student From ChinaAll victims now identified.
  14. arson
    Man Starts Fatal Five-Alarm Fire in Soho Apartment After Fight With WifeAuthorities say he tried to stop first responders from putting out the fire.
  15. hurricane sandy
    House Republicans Get Around to Passing a Bit of Hurricane Sandy Aid They approved $9.7 billion in flood insurance for now.
  16. disasters
    Public Shaming of John Boehner Helping Sandy Aid Vote HappenOne will occur tomorrow and another later this month.
  17. disasters
    House Republicans Stalling Hurricane Sandy Relief BillJohn Boehner will likely not call for a vote this session.
  18. disasters
    GOP Senators Think Victims of Hurricane Sandy Can Get By on $24 Billion for NowThey think the $60.4 billion request looks like a “slush fund.”
  19. disasters
    Republicans Want to Make Sure Alaska Fisheries Don’t Get Hurricane Sandy AidSounds reasonable.
  20. disasters
    House Republicans Content to Make Hurricane Sandy Victims Wait for AidThey think $60 billion seems like a bit much.
  21. accidents
    New Jersey Train Wreck Leaks Hazardous ChemicalsAt least 28 people have been hospitalized.
  22. sh-aide-y behavior
    Most Expensive Driveway Cleaning in History Costs State Disaster Chief His JobHe sent a crew to remove a fallen tree from his house during Sandy.
  23. 2012 new york city marathon
    City Divided Over Whether to Hold a Post-Sandy NYC MarathonA look at the arguments for and against.
  24. i feel the earth move under my feet
    Do Not Call in Case of EmergencyCell service in the wake of today’s earthquake was not confidence-inspiring.
  25. fears come true
    Maybe Having an Air Conditioner Fall on Your Head From Six Stories Up Might Not Be So Bad After AllYou might get $21 million for it.
  26. cleaning up
    Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf of Mexico [Updated]Yes, this is happening again.
  27. earthquakes
    String of Earthquakes in Western China Kills Over 3007.1 magnitude quake strikes western Qinghai province.
  28. it’s raining bricks
    Giant Crane Attacks Lower ManhattanNot the bird, the big machine that lifts things.
  29. sad things
    U.S. Troops Arrive in Haiti Amid Leadership VacuumStill, chaos reigns.
  30. it just happened
    Another Crane Collapses on Upper East SideTwo are confirmed dead, and the Fire Department is pulling people from the wreckage now.