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  1. things that are awful
    Discovery Film Crew Members Killed in On-Set Copter CrashCalifornia’s worst on-set accident since The Twilight Zone.
  2. early and awkward
    President Obama Is Going to Try to Blow Up Ships With a Sun-Powered Death RayPresumably this episode will also test the myth about Barack Obama’s ability to perform miracles.
  3. mysteries
    And of Course, the Squirrels?The strangest aspect of the entire James Lee saga.
  4. scary things
    James Lee Got Bomb-Making Tips From the Discovery ChannelIrony.
  5. breaking
    Update: Hostages at Discovery Channel Headquarters RescuedA gunman obsessed with overpopulation has created a crisis in Maryland.
  6. Don’t Forget ...It’s SHARK WEEK!
  7. party lines
    What Animal Scares Jeff Corwin the Most? Shark Week is an annual Discovery Channel tradition, and the network celebrated the institution’s twentieth anniversary with a big Pier 60 party the other night. “We don’t do toaster week or ostrich week,” Discovery host Mike Rowe commented, although “twice as many people died from ostriches as from sharks, 250 died from toasters, and only eight died from sharks. (Somehow we don’t think “Toaster Week” would deliver the same ratings.) We ran into Animal Planet star Jeff Corwin at the party — who famously had a terrifying run-in with an angry elephant — and we asked him about sharks and other scary animals.