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  1. politics
    The House Has Passed the Equality ActThe bill, which has Biden’s support, prohibits discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.
  2. trans rights
    Judge Blocks HHS Rollback of Trans Health Care ProtectionsOnce again, the Trump administration is seeking to define sex discrimination on the basis of biological sex.
  3. power
    HUD Proposal Cuts Protections for Unhoused Trans PeopleIt would allow federally funded, same-sex homeless shelters to make admission determinations based on biological sex.
  4. discrimination
    Facebook Charged With Discrimination, Despite Ben Carson’s Fair Housing RollbackCarson stepped back the enforcement of fair housing laws, but Facebook allowing restrictions on housing ads still managed to catch HUD’s attention.
  5. the law
    Anthony Kennedy Has a Lot of Thinking to DoThe Supreme Court case over a baker who wouldn’t sell to a gay couple will come down to him. His questions in the case suggest a conflicted man.
  6. Trump’s Anti-Anti-Racism Appeals to His Base’s White Racial GrievanceTrump’s core supporters seem fine with his inflammatory remarks on the Charlottesville violence because of a strong belief in white victimization.
  7. select all
    Female Tesla Employee Calls Factory a ‘Predator Zone’According to a new report, 20 women spoke about their experiences with sexual harassment at Tesla during a town-hall meeting.
  8. Bill O’Reilly Is Gone, But Fox News’ Legal Nightmare ContinuesSources say that seven black Fox News employees plan to join a racial-discrimination suit against the company.
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    Discrimination at Uber Is a Reminder of How Hard Women Must Fight to Be BelievedEx-employee Susan Fowler documented everything during her time at the company, but management still found ways to deny her claims.
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    Mysterious Augmented-Reality Start-up Magic Leap Sued for Discrimination“In IT we have a saying; stay away from the Three Os: Orientals, Old People and Ovaries.”
  11. Draft ‘Religious Liberty’ Order Would Offer Vast Protections for DiscriminationIt would let anyone dealing with the federal government violate anti-bias policies at will.
  12. No, Christians Were Not Driven by Persecution to Vote for Donald TrumpSome argue progressive and LGBT hounding of conservative Christians has frightened them into supporting Trump. It’s a really bad excuse.
  13. select all
    Facebook Won’t Let Advertisers Exclude by Race for Certain PostsAds about housing, jobs, and credit can no longer be filtered.
  14. select all
    Airbnb Will Now Require Hosts to Agree to Anti-Discrimination PolicyA big step for the company which has come under fire in recent months.
  15. Mississippi Isn’t Worried About BoycottsUnlike Georgia, it’s not vulnerable to pressure from Hollywood or major sports leagues.
  16. lgbt rights
    Mississippi Senate Passes Most Sweeping Anti-LGBT Legislation in the U.S.Just a week after North Carolina.
  17. Georgia Governor Vetoes Religious-Exemptions Bill Major companies, including Disney, threatened to boycott the state if the controversial became law. 
  18. lgbt rights
    Major Businesses Condemn North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT LawIncluding the NBA.
  19. lgbt rights
    North Carolina Passes Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law Over Transgender Bathroom FearsThey rushed to pass the law in less than a day, at a cost of $42,000.
  20. Will Georgia’s Governor Sign Anti-Gay Bill?Nathan Deal must decide on the pending “religious liberty” law by May 3.
  21. B&H Sued by Labor Department for DiscriminationThe DOL accused the Manhattan retailer of making Hispanic workers use a separate “unsanitary” bathroom. 
  22. discrimination
    Beating of Muslim Store Owner in Astoria Investigated As Hate CrimeThe suspect reportedly yelled “I kill Muslims.”
  23. elections
    Houston Rejects LGBT Nondiscrimination Measure Due to Bathroom-Related FearsThe slogan “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms” was key.
  24. very bad laws
    Hillary and Miley Agree: Indiana Shouldn’t Have Legalized LGBT DiscriminationAn odd assortment of politicians, celebrities, and businesses were united by their opposition to the new law.
  25. Why Disruptors Are Always White GuysWe don’t think of women and minorities when we think of bosses and entrepreneurs.
  26. spy games
    FBI and NSA Spied on Prominent Muslim-Americans, Snowden Leak RevealsIncluding civil rights activists, academics, and a Republican political candidate.
  27. dumb things
    King: Gays Can Trap People Into Discrimination Plus: Homosexuality is a “self-professed behavior.”
  28. early and often
    Jan Brewer Vetoes Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill“Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value; so is non-discrimination.”
  29. lawsuits
    Muslim Boy Says He Was Kicked Off City Bus for Praying in PublicThe family is suing.
  30. hiring practices
    Pointless Help-Wanted Ad to Cost British Pub $2,500They filled the position with a walk-in.
  31. trash talk
    Discrimination Suit Alleges ‘Plantation Mentality’ at City Sanitation DepartmentBlack and Hispanic supervisors say they’re being passed over.
  32. discrimination
    Paterson May Have Tried Race-Based Police CutsAides asked to swap white officers on security detail for minorities.
  33. discrimination
    Aspiring Cop Says NYPD Can’t Reject Him for Hating GaysHe says wanting to lock up homosexuals shouldn’t have kept him off the force.
  34. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Allows Muslim Employees to Wear Head CoveringsThe agency insists it was “never animated by religious or ethnic bias.”
  35. new york’s bravest
    FDNY Still Working Out Discrimination IssuesThe city has been ordered to pay $128 million to past minority applicants.
  36. Judge: Taxi Fleet Discriminates Against Disabled RidersPlan for outer-borough livery cabs is now on hold.
  37. New York’s Bravest Now Has Its First Transgender FirefighterAfter judge ruled that the FDNY discriminated.
  38. witchy women
    Did the TSA Fire Carole Smith Because She’s a Witch?We’d think that’d be a career advantage.
  39. supreme court
    Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Against Wal-Mart Gets Kicked Up to the Supreme CourtThe Supreme Court will be deciding whether a class-action suit is appropriate.
  40. white men with money
    The Rich Are Still Able to Exclude You, Even in RecessionThe ‘Observer’ has one of its great obnoxious quote roundups (er, articles) about getting into exclusive buildings this morning.
  41. company town
    Breaking: Banks, Bankers Make a Lot of MoneyToday’s big news in the city’s big businesses. FINANCE • J.P. Morgan had a very good fourth quarter, but is $4.53 billion enough to top Citigroup? Answer on Friday. [DealBreaker] • Projected versus actual 2006 Wall Street bonuses. Either way, they were big. [BankersBall] • Taking a cue from its bonus-giddy brokers, Bear Stearns looks to invest in some Manhattan real estate. [NYO via DealBook/NYT]
  42. the morning line
    We’ve Got a Lot of What It Takes to Get Along • We’ve been good little New Yorkers, and we’re getting a $1 billion tax cut. Mayor Bloomberg has unveiled his talking points for tonight’s State of the City address, and an upbeat bunch they are: a booming economy, a $2 billion surplus, and his own 75 percent approval rating. [amNY] • Barack Obama is officially in the running for ‘08, and the Post picks the unusually restrained “Barack Is On Track” while the News goes nearly incomprehensible with “Hil Better Not Look Barack.” [NYP, NYDN] • A lawyer is suing Sullivan & Cromwell, one of the city’s most prominent law firms, for discriminating against him because he was gay and retaliating when he lodged an internal sexual-harassment complaint. What is this, 1993? [NYP] • Naomi Campbell pleaded guilty to throwing a cell phone at her maid. The move resulted in a sentence of five days of community service, which Campbell will eventually get around to (after fashion shows in “California, Brazil, London, Paris and Milan.”) [NYT] • And in another celebrity-justice vignette, Jerry Seinfeld was ordered to pay $100,000 to his real-estate broker, whom he stiffed after she refused to give him a house tour on Shabbat. Strange, this sounds like more of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode. [Newsday]