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  1. Zika May Cause Guillain-Barré Syndrome, TooMore than microcephaly.
  2. scary things
    Legionnaires’ Outbreak Kills 4, Sickens 67 Others in the South BronxThe number is likely to rise in the coming days.
  3. diseases
    A College Kid With Measles Traveled Through New York Last WeekHe was diagnosed after taking the Amtrak from Penn Station to Bard College.
  4. ebola
    NBC News Cameraman Declared Ebola-FreeHe received an experimental drug and a blood transfusion from another American survivor.
  5. bill de blasio’s new york
    NYC Rats Are Even More Disgusting Than We ThoughtScientists tested 133 of them and found 18 unknown viruses.
  6. diseases
    JFK Airport Is Doing Ebola Checks NowPlus: a quarantine in New Jersey and a false alarm in Brooklyn.
  7. ebola
    The Dallas Ebola Patient Isn’t Doing WellThe head of the CDC says Thomas Eric Duncan is “fighting for his life.”
  8. diseases
    Five New Yorkers Come Down With West Nile Thanks, mosquitoes.
  9. scary things
    Ebola Hits Another CountryTwo people have died from the virus in Congo.
  10. diseases
    Obama Says It’s Too Soon to Send the Experimental Ebola Drug to AfricaThough it appears to be helping two American patients.
  11. You Probably Shouldn’t Travel to Places With Ebola, Says CDCDon’t go. Don’t get Ebola.
  12. very sad and scary things
    Could History’s Worst-Ever Ebola Outbreak Spread Outside of West Africa?670 people have already died from the disease.
  13. very sad and scary things
    2 American Aid Workers Have Contracted Ebola in LiberiaBoth are working in the country through faith-based organizations.
  14. things to be afraid of
    MERS Is HereThe Middle Eastern respiratory disease has come to the U.S.
  15. diseases
    Another Person in New York Has Measles That makes 26 cases of the virus.
  16. mad cow disease
    First U.S. Case of Mad Cow Disease in Six Years Reported in CaliforniaBut officials say there’s no threat of tainted meat entering the food chain.
  17. stand clear of the closing doors
    Study: Spending Time With a Bunch of Sick People in a Tiny Metal Container Makes You SickA.k.a., the subway.
  18. panic-demics
    WHO Upgrades Swine-Flu AlertWe are apparently in phase five out of six in preparation for a global pandemic.
  19. swine flu
    Swine Flu Now Also Kills Americans People in AmericaThe United States has lost its first victim to the new epidemic.