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District Attorney

  1. politics
    Everyone in San Francisco Has Something to Say About ChesaChesa Boudin is the nation’s most progressive prosecutor in one of the country’s most liberal cities. Now, many residents are trying to throw him out.
  2. prison reform
    What If Prosecutors Wanted to Keep People Out of Prison?George Soros’s semi-secret plan to get progressive district attorneys elected all over the country.
  3. the criminal justice system
    Ken Thompson’s Mission for Racial EqualityA goal that just happens to boost the district attorney’s political profile. 
  4. questionable judgment
    Assistant Attorney General Started a Blog to Harass Gay Student-Body PresidentThe assistant AG exercised his first amendment rights to post a picture of the student with a swastika and gay pride flag.
  5. early and often
    Senator Bill Perkins Endorses Richard Aborn for District Attorney“I like him,” Perkins tells Intel, “and I think he can win.”
  6. people who are seriously old and still working
    Morgenthau Spurns Longtime No. 2 in DA RaceInstead of backing his deputy, the outgoing DA has gotten behind a family friend hoping to replace him.
  7. early and often
    District Attorney Robert Morgenthau Won’t Seek Another TermIt’s the end of an era! A long, long era.