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  1. couples
    Judith Giuliani on the Rudy She Married, and the Rudy She’s DivorcingHow she diagnoses her ex’s new “dissembling” condition.
  2. Within Trump’s Orbit, Divorce Is the Hot New TrendDefense lawyers aren’t the only ones staying busy during the Trump administration.
  3. early and often
    Judge Denies Request to Unseal Trump Divorce RecordsBy opening the records, the court would “impermissibly inject itself into the political process.”
  4. horrible racists
    Shelly Sterling Says She’ll Part With Donald, But Not the Clippers [UPDATED]She says she plans to divorce “eventually.”
  5. equal rites
    The World’s First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop Is Getting Divorced It can really happen to anyone.
  6. international intrigue
    Putin Does Conscious Uncoupling the Russian Way“The divorce has taken place.”
  7. love is dead
    Rupert Murdoch Giving Up $44 Million Apartment, $30 Million Yacht in DivorceHis split from Wendi Deng is “amicable” and almost complete.
  8. divorce
    George Zimmerman Allegedly Left Behind Bullet-Riddled Target for WifeUgly divorce turns hideous.
  9. the most important people in the world
    General Wesley Clark Wore Khakis to the ClubYes, he went to the club. In the meatpacking district!
  10. love and war
    Shellie Zimmerman Will Not Stop Airing George OutAfter a divorce announcement, she’s piling it on.
  11. love is dead
    George Zimmerman’s Wife Filed for DivorceShellie is out.
  12. wendi daaaaaang
    Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng Are Getting DivorcedLove is dead.
  13. international intrigue
    5 Photos of Vladimir Putin and His Wife Looking Miserable TogetherRussia’s First Couple is getting a divorce.
  14. divorce
    Maria Shriver Does Not Approve of 60 Minutes’ Schwarzenegger InterviewOne source described it to TMZ as “a blowjob for Arnold.”
  15. the most important people in the world
    Mayor Bloomberg Is Staying Out of the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce“I shouldn’t be involved in religion or however you want to phrase it.”
  16. The Modern Divorce: I Want the House … and Your Facebook PasswordConnecticut judge first to allow it.
  17. the most important people in the world
    Kim’s Decision: How Kim Kardashian Made the Same Mistake As LeBron JamesMaking the public feel like chumps is never a good move.
  18. divorce
    Wall Street Wife Wants Way More Than $20 Million From CEO HusbandShe claims he had three girlfriends and was generous with the gifts.
  19. travel trends
    Romania Is Italy’s Divorce CapitolBucharest is not for lovers.
  20. divorce
    New Yorkers More Eager to Divorce Now That They Don’t Have to Say WhyTwelve percent more eager.
  21. great divorces
    Divorce Parties Are the New Wedding PartiesNow THIS is an idea to get behind.
  22. ‘mocialites
    ’Mocialite Kipton Cronkite and His Husband/Boss Break UpThat was what, five months?
  23. till divorce do us part
    Positive Economic Indicators: People Can Once Again Afford to DivorceWhat a sacred institution, this marriage business.
  24. affairs
    Is Cheating Worse If You Do It in the Bed You Share With Your Spouse?Apparently so.
  25. the future is coming
    Divorce Lawyers Can Thank Mark Zuckerberg for His ‘Portal to Infidelity’Eva Longoria owes him one, too.
  26. the most important people in the world
    Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky SplitAnd Weisz has taken up with Daniel Craig!
  27. fun sponges
    Nora Ephron and Huffington Post to Take All the Fun Out of DivorceBoo!
  28. wedded bliss
    Why Are Fewer New Yorkers Getting Divorced?Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant aren’t the only ones.
  29. marriage counseling
    How to Make a Marriage Work: Try ExtortionNothing says wedded bliss like blackmailing and extorting an ex-lover.
  30. lady things
    Science: Successful Women Are Doomed to UnhappinessThanks, science.
  31. great divorces
    ‘Fake’ Cancer Bride: I Do Too Have Leukemia!I just choose to treat it with “water, the right foods and exercise”!
  32. great divorces
    Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Officially DivorcedBlah blah blah “privacy” blah.
  33. take the money and run
    Elin Nordegren to Receive $100 Million and a Confidentiality Clause From Her Divorce SettlementPlus child support.
  34. oh albany!
    New York Legislature Delivers Good News to Unhappy Couples, Domestic Workers, and MidwivesThe state legislature had a busy day.
  35. the most important people in the world
    Greenwich Housewife Stephanie Seymour Goes to CourtShe looked very patriotic.
  36. irreconcilable differences
    Woman Preferred Husband When He Was Overworked and Unhappy“We had five cars!”
  37. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Divorce Looming, For RealIt’s not just that Elin skipped the Masters.
  38. hopeless romantics
    Larry King Files for Divorce, for the Eighth TimeSources say he was having an affair with one of Shawn’s “close relatives.”
  39. first-world problems
    Now Kenneth Feinberg Is Making It Impossible for Bankers to Get DivorcedWhy does the government have to meddle in everything?
  40. white men with money
    Peter Brant’s White Birch Co. Files for BankruptcyBut is this all that it seems?
  41. the jerk store
    Just When You Thought the Edwards Family Story Line Couldn’t Get Any Uglier …… Out come the allegations of domestic abuse.
  42. karl rove
    Karl Rove: The GOP’s New Most-Eligible BachelorFormer Bush adviser granted quiet divorce last week.
  43. whither gop?
    Jenny Sanford Files for Divorce“This came after many unsuccessful efforts at reconciliation.”
  44. great divorces
    For Stephanie Seymour, Revenge Is a Dish Best Served NudeThe former supermodel won’t talk to ‘Vanity Fair’ about her high-profile divorce. But she will pose nude for Mario Testino.
  45. great divorces
    Stephanie Seymour to Get Not a Lot of Peter Brant’s Monthly IncomeIt’s funny when you put $270,000 a month in those terms.
  46. great divorces
    Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Will Not Let It GoThey want each other in jail.
  47. Oh No! Beloved Pet Caught in Pug of War!Dexter just wants his parents to get along.
  48. great divorces
    George David Bought His Fancy Woman Bathing Costumes at La PerlaThe United Technologies chairman, being sued by his much-younger wife for $99 million, took the stand for more embarrassing testimony.
  49. the most important people in the world
    Billy Joel and Katie Lee in Divorce ‘Shocker’Wait, does she still get to be famous?
  50. the greatest depression
    The Great Decoupling“People don’t stick together in bad times, it’s human nature.”
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