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  1. coronavirus
    No Shelter (for Doctors) in the Coronavirus Storm“On the one hand, we are heroes, and on the other hand, we are shunned.”
  2. feature
    Two Hours Daily to Sanitize, Two Hours to CryAn emergency-room doctor struggles to keep it together — and find supplies.
  3. California Considers Medical Price ControlsIn an alternative to single payer, a California proposal aims at holding down health care costs.
  4. Tom Price at HHS Is Just What the Doctors OrderedOut of the spotlight, HHS secretary Tom Price has been busily dismantling regulations that hold his fellow physicians accountable for results.
  5. Doctors Will Prescribe Branded Drugs for Food, Study FindsDoctors who accept free meals from a pharmaceutical company are more likely to prescribe that company’s drug over the generic — even when the meal costs less than $20.
  6. Some Doctors Tweeting About Drugs Aren’t Disclosing PaymentsLike the rest of the internet, Doctor Twitter is becoming overrun with sponsored content.
  7. Mount Sinai ER Doctor Charged With Sexually Assaulting Two PatientsBoth victims are women in their 20s.
  8. drugs
    Painkillers Come Really Easy With the Right NYC DoctorA small amount of medical professionals are writing a large majority of the prescriptions.
  9. crimes and misdemeanors
    Scorned Mount Sinai Doctor Rearranged Lab RatsHe stole stem cells, too.
  10. obits
    Jack Kevorkian Died“He didn’t feel a thing.”
  11. precautions
    New Law May Change Doctor’s Uniforms ForeverState Senator Diane Savino said banning ties will save lives.
  12. drugs
    Maybe Someone Should Have Wondered Why That Stripper/Doctor Needed Thousands and Thousands of Adderall PillsOr not.
  13. the youth
    Doctors Are Prescribing Teenagers More DrugsWe bet the teenagers didn’t even say thank you.
  14. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Is Going to DieSomeday.
  15. haiti
    Too Many Doctors Screwing Up HaitiGo home, doctors, you are ruining things.
  16. gross things
    Greenwich OB/GYN Got Tired of Job Being So SterileSo he started having sex at work.
  17. Swine Flu Goes StealthNow the near-pandemic has gotten so clever, people who have it don’t even get ‘sick.’ Diabolical!
  18. the sports section
    Plaxico’s Web of Disaster ExpandsA whole lot more people are going down for the idiotic shooting incident over the weekend.
  19. white men without money
    New Lawsuit Makes ‘Dr. Lookgood’ Look, Well, Not So GoodDr. Steven Victor is being sued by investors who say he used their cash to take fabulous vacations with his socialite wife.
  20. in other news
    Beth Israel Doctor Dies After Seventeen-Story FallIn what police are calling a suicide, Douglas Meyer, 44, was found dead this morning.
  21. in other news
    Herpes: It’s Got New York by the BallsOne in four of us city dwellers have genital herpes, a study says. We are at once shocked and bored.
  22. in other news
    After Fall, Mike Wallace Done With TV for GoodBut the legendary ‘60 Minutes’ anchor’s son Chris can’t help but rib him.
  23. it just happened
    Senator Ted Kennedy Has Brain Tumor, Doctors SayHe is currently resting comfortably, reports his family, and a plan of treatment is still uncertain.