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Dodd Frank

  1. the money game
    Barney Frank Talks More About the Surprise Shuttering of Signature Bank“I was sort of vindicated — they have not argued that we were insolvent,” says the author of the Dodd-Frank Act.
  2. Democrats to Gut Banking Regulations, for Bipartisanship’s SakeIn the Senate, lawmakers put aside their differences, and work together to help banks abuse consumers and jeopardize our financial system.
  3. the national interest
    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Was Designed to Stop Donald TrumpThe first agency built to withstand regulatory capture is put to the test.
  4. Fed Chair Warns Trump Not to Roll Back Wall Street RegulationsJanet Yellen offered a vigorous defense of financial reform on Friday — and may have jeopardized her future at the central bank in the process.
  5. House GOP Passes Bill Gutting Dodd-FrankBut Paul Ryan’s attempt to deregulate the big banks won’t get anywhere in the Senate, where it will need Democratic votes to pass.
  6. Republican Uses Obama’s Wall Street Speaking Fee to Justify Dodd-Frank RepealA testament to the GOP’s shameless mendacity — and the former president’s misjudgment.
  7. just asking questions
    Why It’s Going to Take Another Financial Catastrophe to Fix Wall StreetThe man who oversaw the bailout in 2008 is not optimistic about the banking industry under President Donald Trump.
  8. the national interest
    Trump Announces Plan to Let Wall Street Scam America AgainForcing financial advisers to do what’s best for their clients is “like putting only healthy food on the menu,” says Gary Cohn.
  9. Trump Has Made Wall Street Giddy AgainWall Street was expecting new regulations. Now it’s getting deregulation, tax cuts, and cabinet positions — because the “populist” won.
  10. Reckless Bankers Won’t Get Bonuses AnymoreRegulators announce a long-delayed rule curbing compensation for bankers who take excessive risks.
  11. the national interest
    Wall Street Giveaway Could Cause Government ShutdownWashington is back to normal-terrible.
  12. real estate
    5 Ways Getting a Mortgage Will Be Harder in 2014New Dodd-Frank regulations take effect on January 10.
  13. cheerful capitalism
    Cheer Up, Wall Street! A Self-Esteem Intervention for Victimized BankersWhy so gloomy, Mr. Moneybags?
  14. fi-cri nostalgia
    Assessing Wall Street 2.0: The More Things Change …Four years after Lehman, has anything really changed?
  15. dispatches from hedgistan
    Last-Minute Test Prep for Hedge Funds: How Dodd-Frank Created a Cottage IndustryHedge fund procrastinators: Call Doug Schwenk.
  16. white men with money
    House GOP Delays Financial Regulation Vote in Light of JPMorgan DebacleIt’s just not a good time, okay?
  17. wall street
    What’s Next for Dodd-Frank?The GOP says good-bye to Barney — and plans to break his bill.
  18. the coming econopocalypse
    Citadel’s Kenneth Griffin Forgot He Was Speaking to a Room Full of Hedge Funds“That one landed with a thud.”
  19. the coming econopocalypse
    Attack of the Wall Street Zombies: Goldman Sachs’s Abacus and Too Big to FailSome things refuse to die.
  20. sticking up for the not-so-little guy
    Jamie Dimon Thinks the SEC Should Slow Its Roll Before It ‘Damages America’Actually they’re doing just fine.
  21. raj raj raj
    SEC’s Insider Trading Charges Against Rajat Gupta Are a Sign of Its Newfound PowerOn the other hand, Gupta won’t face a jury and is subject to smaller fines.
  22. bonus season
    The War on Wall Street Bonuses Gets PersonalLloyd is not going to like this.