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  1. presidential pets
    So Biden’s Dog Is Just Allowed to Bite People Now?Commander bit another Secret Service member, bringing the total number of incidents to at least 11. It’s unclear what the Bidens are doing about it.
  2. cdc
    U.S. to Ban Dog Importations From 113 Countries for One YearThe move comes in the wake of an increase in puppies arriving in the U.S. with falsified rabies certificates.
  3. white house
    Major Biden Being Sent Away for ‘Off-Site Private Training’The extra professional help, which follows a pair of biting incidents at the White House, will apparently last a few weeks.
  4. vision 2020
    Watch Michael Bloomberg Try to Shake Hands With a Dog’s MouthA note to the former mayor: You shake a dog’s paw, not its upper jaw.
  5. alexandria ocasio-cortez
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Appeases Critics With Something Everyone LikesIt’s a French bulldog.
  6. white house
    White House Flummoxed by Sex of Hero Dog ConanIf only there was a definitive way to find out.
  7. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: This Is No Ordinary ImpeachmentIt’s a deeper reckoning. It’s about whether the legitimacy of our entire system can last much longer without Trump being removed from office.
  8. vision 2020
    Who’s Leading the 2020 Democratic Puppy Primary?An Instagram-friendly family dog is the must-have accessory of the Democratic primary.
  9. the city politic
    Even Our Dog Parks Show America Is an Unequal Playing FieldAll dogs may go to heaven, but lower-income canine lovers have found that not every dog gets to enjoy a ritzy outdoor space.
  10. technology
    Finally, Snapchat Filters Work on DogsThe feature we’ve all been waiting for.
  11. the panopticon
    A List of Every Animal That Humans Can Spy on With Facial RecognitionIt’s way more than you think.
  12. select all
    Sony’s Newest Aibo Is Very Cute and Very ExpensiveIt also requires a service plan.
  13. select all
    The Case for Buying a Doggy Spy Cam (If You Really Need One)The Amazon Cloud Cam is not strictly geared toward dog-based spying. It is just one of the many cute new options in home surveillance.
  14. Republicans Need to Stop Politicizing Airline Dog DeathsConservatives are exploiting the death of a puppy on a United Airlines flight to push their statist, dog-storage-control agenda.
  15. select all
    Dog Nativity Scene Trumps All Other Nativities of Christmas PastLook upon the face of the tiny baby-Jesus dog and weep with joy.
  16. select all
    Julian Assange Got in Trouble for Stealing a Viral VideoYou gotta keep engagement up somehow.
  17. select all
    Lulu, a Failed CIA Bomb-Sniffing Dog, Has Reached Meme StatusThe black Lab just had no interest in searching for bombs and is now living a normal civilian-dog life.
  18. select all
    Welcome to the Future, Where Packages Are Delivered by Horrifying Robot DogsWho is a good dog? Answer: NOT THIS ONE.
  19. select all
    The Roof Dog Party Is the Only Party I Want to Go ToLemme up there to hang out with these good boys.
  20. select all
    Zoom In on This Dog’s Nose for This Week’s Purest MemeThese memes are better viewed on mobile.
  21. select all
    In Trump’s America, Even Puppy Twitter Is Getting PoliticalA conversation with Twitter’s @EmergencyPuppy, a self-described “government watch dog” with over half a million followers.
  22. select all
    Actual Dog Wearing Pants Solves the Great How-a-Dog-Wears-Pants Debate of 2015Police in Washington found a stray dog wearing a sweater and pants this week.
  23. select all
    We Absolutely Guarantee This Video Will Improve Your MoodWatch as a very good dog meets a life-size version of his favorite toy.
  24. select all
    This Dumb, Good Dog Will Just Keep Licking Until He Gets Outside“Now whenever he needs out, he will go to any random door and start licking it.”
  25. select all
    This Terrible Robot Dog Is Your New Best FriendThis dog is so bad. It’s perfect.
  26. select all
    All This Online Shopping Has Led to a Rise in Dog AttacksMore packages means more mail carriers in the line of fire.
  27. the urbanist
    The Best and Worst Cities to Be a DogThe pupcakes at the new canine bakery in Seattle are great. The annual dog-eating festival in Yulin, less so.
  28. The Only Good Content Online This Week Was Dog ContentDogs > Humans.
  29. select all
    Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary Is the Last Pure Place OnlineThis dog rescue in Tennessee has more than a million fans around the world.
  30. The Viral Locked-Car Dog’s Favorite Music Is Probably Not Rihanna (Updated)Woof.
  31. Dog’s GoPro Photography Is the Only Good Use of a GoProAwwwwwww.
  32. Actually Good Senior Prank Turns High School Into Dog ParkSo. Many. Dogs.
  33. How to Get the Secret Dalmatian Snapchat Filter Maybe Inspired by Kim KardashianYou can thank Kim Kardashian for this one.
  34. This Device Lets You Spy on Your Pets While You’re Away All DayWe imagine this might also work to spy on roommates? Not that we condone that sort of behavior.
  35. select all
    Can You Find Mark Zuckerberg’s Dog Hiding in These Photos?Forget the pandas.
  36. This Is a Great Story About a Lady Cat-WizardAt least the dog is safe.
  37. Bad Things That Happen to Dogs, According to Donald TrumpEvery time Donald Trump has tweeted the simile “like a dog.”
  38. select all
    ‘Chihuahua or Muffin’ Is the SAT for Stoned Animal LoversTwitter genius Karen Zack knows you’re stoned and has just one question: Is this an animal or another thing?  
  39. subway week
    Dogs Have Been Delaying Trains for 111 YearsA brief history of adorable subway delays.
  40. President Obama Decisively Weighs In on Dog PantsHind legs only.
  41. These Are the Best Dog NamesRepressed Childhood, Alan Rickman’s Voice, Assthetic
  42. Today’s Soothing Dog Affirmation Is a Pup Dancing to Toto’s ‘Africa’The wild dogs cry out in the night; it’s gonna take a lot to drag him away from you.
  43. Instagram Trend Watch: Making Your Naked Pet More Modest With Emoji StickersA dispatch from #modestdog, the frontier of online censorship.
  44. select all
    Crusoe the Blogging Dog Just Might Be the World’s Most Perfect CelebrityHow’s life for a dachshund who made it big? Anything but rough.
  45. whodunit
    Was a Dog Murdered in Central Park Last Night?A mysterious, deadly dog-bashing.
  46. 2016
    Is America Ready for a Dog President?Let’s hope so!
  47. sorry about the pun
    Dog Driving Tractor Creates Ruff Traffic Jam“Has to be the weirdest thing we have ever reported!”
  48. puppies!!!!!!
    The Snowstorm Led to the Rescue of a Lost PuppyThanks to a member of the FDNY. 
  49. puppies!!!!!!
    Sorry, But Pope Francis Did Not Exactly Say That All Dogs Go to HeavenOr any pets, necessarily.
  50. puppies!!!!!!
    Here Are the Best Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Dog Parade You want to see these. 
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