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  1. equal rites
    After DOMA: Gay Couples Look to the FutureThere’s much to be done, from financial planning to immigration paperwork.
  2. equal rites
    DOMA Decision Convinced New Yorkers to Make It Official Marriages jumped the day after.
  3. equal rites
    Iconic Gay-Rights Moments Through the YearsA look back.
  4. the supremes
    Justice Scalia Knew This Was Going to HappenHe warned us about “the so-called homosexual agenda” in his sodomy dissent ten years ago.
  5. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Gay Marriage Triumphs, Roberts Be DamnedThe chief justice is no match for history.
  6. equal rites
    Justice Scalia Predictably Sassy in DOMA DissentSo. Much. Sass. 
  7. equal rites
    Gay-Marriage Pioneers Recall ‘Huge Journey’The are divorced now but still talk every day — including this morning.
  8. equal rites
    The 10 Key Lines From the Supreme Court’s Decision Striking Down DOMA“It humiliates tens of thousands of children now being raised by same-sex couples.”
  9. the supremes
    Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, Passes on Prop 8Both by 5–4 votes.
  10. blog-stained wretches
    SCOTUSblog Is Back in the Spotlight and Bold As EverThe go-to website for Supreme Court happenings is shining.
  11. the supremes
    Roberts Skeptical DOMA Was About DiscriminationWhy is this hard to understand?
  12. gay marriage
    DOMA Appears Doomed, According to Supreme Court GuessersEighty percent doomed, apparently.
  13. gay marriage
    Breaking Down DOMA Day at the Supreme CourtIt’s round two for gay marriage.
  14. equal rites
    Some Gay Activists Worried About SCOTUS CasesEvaluating the two laws together could be risky. 
  15. equal rites
    New York Appeals Court Rules Defense of Marriage Act UnconstitutionalThat’s two.
  16. equal rites
    New York State Challenges DOMAThat was quick.
  17. equal rites
    DOMA Has a Lawyer AgainPaul Clement is back on the case.
  18. equal rites
    Will Conservatives Switch to Pepsi?Coca-Cola reportedly pressured King & Spalding to back out of defending DOMA.
  19. equal rites
    Joe Biden Just Scared a Lot of People“I think there’s an inevitability for a national consensus on gay marriage.”
  20. equal rites
    More Federal Cases Against DOMA PlannedTwo more cases will be filed today against the Defense of Marriage Act.
  21. gays
    President Obama Leads the Gayest Federal Government EverHe’s made more gay appointments than any president in history.
  22. equal rites
    Justice Department Now Grudgingly Defending DOMAEven though they hate it and it’s discriminatory. Weird.