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Domestic Spying

  1. metadata
    Will Today’s Court Ruling Kill NSA Phone Surveillance for Good? It may turn out to be a landmark court decision for a number of reasons. Plus, consider it a victory for Edward Snowden.
  2. spy games
    CIA Was Too Cozy With NYPD, Inspector General Finds“There was inadequate direction and control.”
  3. ink-stained wretches
    Juxtaposition of the Day: Spying on Journalists EditionThe Justice Department spied on AP reporters for two months. 
  4. intrigue
    Ex-FBI Informant Who Infiltrated California Mosques Tells AllCraig Monteilh comes clean about his time in the FBI.
  5. spy games
    After 9/11, FBI Abused Anti-Terrorism Cover to Investigate Leftist GroupsAnd possibly Pamela Anderson.
  6. whoops
    How Not to Sell Your New Domestic Surveillance Program to the American PublicNothing to be afraid of, except for … DYSTOPIA!