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Domestic Surveillance

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    U.S. Surveillance Powers Lapse After Senate Deal Is BlockedThree parts of the Patriot Act, including bulk phone data collection, have temporarily expired after Rand Paul blocked a deal on surveillance reform.
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    NYPD Doing Some Damage Control Among MuslimsRay Kelly met with a few community leaders, while others rejected the get-together.
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    Secret NYPD Document Describes Which Muslims to Spy OnThe AP’s investigation into the department’s surveillance program continues.
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    NYPD Didn’t Unfairly Spy on Muslims, Says NYPDRay Kelly gets grilled in a City Council hearing.
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    NYPD Even Spied on the Muslim Leaders Who Were Helping ThemLocal community leaders were under surveillance even as they lunched with Bloomberg.
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    CIA Will Investigate Its Role in NYPD Intelligence ProgramNew director David Petraeus says they’re looking into it.
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    NYPD Looked to CIA for Cues in Clandestine Muslim Surveillance ProgramThey use undercover officers called the “Demographic Unit.”