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Don’t Do This

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    Woman Pleads Guilty to Fatally Shooting Boyfriend in YouTube Stunt Gone AwryMonalisa Perez shot her boyfriend at close range while he held up a book, which the couple believed would stop a bullet.
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    Chinese ‘Rooftopper’ Plunges 62 Stories to Death During Stunt Gone WrongWu Yongning was reportedly attempting the stunt to win $15,000.
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    Kids Are Severely Burning Themselves With Boiling Water Over a YouTube StuntThe “Hot Water Challenge” has sent several kids to the hospital with severe injuries.
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    Even If Your GPS Says Turn Left, If Left Is a Lake … Maybe Don’t Do ItA man in Massachusetts drove his car into a pond earlier this month.
  5. Airline Savagely Debunks YouTuber Who Lied About Stowing Away on Plane“We have footage of you boarding the aircraft using your legs.”
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    Don’t Fall for This Hoax and Drill Into Your iPhone 7 for a Headphone JackYou can’t believe everything you read online.