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  1. impeachment
    Judiciary Lawyer Suggests House May Have to Impeach Trump AgainIf ex–White House counsel Don McGahn exposes offenses not covered by the impeachment articles, the House could add an obstruction-of-justice charge.
  2. the national interest
    Trump: Witness to My Crime Can’t Testify, But Trust Me He’s LyingThe White House’s absurd contradiction on Don McGahn.
  3. the national interest
    Just This Week, Trump Has Already Committed 5 More Impeachable ActsAnd it’s only Tuesday.
  4. executive privilege
    Trump Directs White House Counsel Don McGahn to Skip Congressional TestimonyTrump’s claims of executive privilege are becoming so frequent that even House Republicans are getting frustrated by them.
  5. obstruction of justice
    White House Tried and Failed to Get McGahn to Say Trump Didn’t Obstruct JusticeTrump is now claiming he would have rather fired McGahn than Mueller.
  6. donald trump
    Report: White House Staff Takes Notes to Protect Themselves From TrumpWhite House staff reportedly jot down their impressions of a meeting as a way to protect themselves against Trump’s less-than-ethical whims.
  7. donald trump
    Trump Asked the White House Counsel to Instruct DOJ to Prosecute His EnemiesDonald McGahn warned Trump this sort of thinking could get him impeached. But he didn’t listen.
  8. the law
    With Legal Storm Looming, Pat Cipollone May Be Perfect for White House CounselHe appears ready to pick up Don McGahn’s task of reshaping the judiciary, and his experience with congressional probes could certainly come in handy.
  9. trump white house
    Trump, Angered by Growing Legal Troubles, Finds Ways to Make Them Even WorseWith allies worried that he’s ill-equipped to handle new subpoenas, or even impeachment, Trump pushed out McGahn and resumed efforts to fire Sessions.
  10. turnover
    Trump: White House Counsel Don McGahn Is Leaving in the FallThe favorite to replace him is Bill Clinton’s impeachment lawyer Emmet Flood.