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Don Young

  1. sarah palin
    Sarah Palin Is Running for Congress Against Santa Claus (and 49 Others)She and 50 other candidates are vying for Alaska’s open House seat, though she may also just be reminding people she hasn’t gone away.
  2. 2020 elections
    Alaska’s Slow Ballot Count Adds to Senate UncertaintyThere’s a chance an Alaska U.S. Senate election could matter a lot. But thanks to local customs, we won’t know for a good while.
  3. 2018 midterms
    November Polling Update: On the BrinkThe Georgia gubernatorial barn burner gets hotter; there’s rare good news for Alaska Democrats; and Joe Manchin hasn’t won his race just yet.
  4. GOP Congressman: Clinton Will Control Your MindDon Young thinks GOP voters have been hoodwinked by scaremongers — and that President Clinton would control what time everyone has to wake up.
  5. the national interest
    Rep. Don Young’s Spokesman Doesn’t Deny Don Young Killed a GuyDept. of Suspicious Demurrals.
  6. racial gaffes
    Alaska Congressman Casually Mentions ‘Wetbacks’ Picking TomatoesThere’s the changing face of the GOP, and then there’s Don Young.
  7. crooked in alaska
    Alaska’s Only House Member May Have Misused Campaign FundsDon Young’s aide told investigators that the congressman and his wife used campaign funds as their personal piggy bank.