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Donald Rumsfeld

  1. politics
    The Hell Donald Rumsfeld BuiltIraq should be a permanent stain on his name.
  2. vision 2020
    In the 2020 Race, Uncertainty Is All Trump Has Going for HimMost of the developments that could produce a Trump comeback and win are beyond the president’s control.
  3. Donald Rumsfeld Will Vote for Trump Because He’s a ‘Known Unknown’ Rumsfeld tells Fox News that he has no idea what Trump will do as president. Therefore, he will vote for Trump.
  4. How Donald Rumsfeld Became an App DeveloperThe 83-year-old two-time secretary of Defense did his own beta-testing.
  5. early and awful
    Rumsfeld ‘Can’t Tell’ If Obama ‘Switched Sides’Nice, real nice. 
  6. Wrestling Cut From Olympics, Rumsfeld Upset He wrote a letter to the IOC.
  7. known and unknown
    Donald Rumsfeld Is an UnderminerWatch your back, Kissinger.
  8. revolt like an egyptian
    Qaddafi Plays Cat and Mouse With the Allies As Obama Faces More Questions [Updated]Donald Rumsfeld finds the military campaign “worrisome.”
  9. it’s the thought that counts
    Saddam Hussein Really Knew How to Wow Visiting DignitariesDonald Rumsfeld releases the weird video he got from Saddam in 1983.
  10. important men getting embarrassed
    Donald Rumsfeld Refuses to Answer Perfectly Reasonable Question About Whether He Is a LizardComedian Louis C.K. wouldn’t relent.
  11. oops
    Rumsfeld: If U.S. Knew Iraq Didn’t Have WMDs, We ‘Probably’ Wouldn’t Have InvadedRumsfeld also expressed support for populist protesters in the Mideast.
  12. iraq war
    Defector Admits WMD Tales Used to Justify War in Iraq Were a LieDecoding the Bush administration.
  13. the bush years
    Donald Rumsfeld Regrets Not Going Away SoonerJohn McCain totally agrees.
  14. afghanistan
    General McChrystal Has Offered to Resign: Reports (Updated)So far, that’s all we know.
  15. the bush years
    More Funny Things From Inside the Bush Administration!A book by George W. Bush’s former speechwriter is just a bottomless pit of entertainment anecdotes.
  16. war-stained wretches
    Rumsfeld: Colin and Condi Got Off So Easy!In a new biography, the former Defense secretary has some gripes with the media.
  17. early and often
    The Crusade of Donald RumsfeldTop secret documents uncovered by ‘GQ’ indicate a level of religious fervor behind the invasion of Iraq that was either cool calculation or scary zealotry.
  18. today in torture
    Today in Torture: Even If We Did Investigate Bush Lawyers, Could We Prosecute?Oh, and about that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
  19. gossipmonger
    Renée Zellweger, Not on FireRenée Zellweger’s neighbor called the FDNY on her because she had a fire going in her fireplace. Jennifer Lopez and her mom don’t talk anymore, perhaps because of Marc Anthony. Mary Louise Parker took her adopted (and Brat Pitt–approved) African baby to a doctor’s appointment in New York. Blackstone chairman Steven Schwarzman’s charitable foundation has only $63,424 in assets and is holding just $991 for charitable purposes. Kelly Klein is expected to make $3 million by selling jewels ex-hubby Calvin bought her for $200,000 in 1987. Kanye West went to Blue Ribbon with a leather-clad dominatrix and some models. George Clooney was jokingly slapped by “a really hot girl” at Bungalow 8’s New York branch. Kim Kardashian and Terrence Howard were caught making out at Butter and Tenjune.
  20. gossipmonger
    Since U Been Making Him MoneySony BMG chief Clive Davis doesn’t like Kelly Clarkson’s music, even though it makes his label a lot of money. Barbara Corcoran dropped trou for a bunch of people who commented that she’d lost weight. Ellen Barkin returned some diamonds she was loaned to wear to a Darfur benefit at Cannes at 3 a.m. Usher has taken to calling in radio stations to complain about hosts who make fun of his fiancée. President Bush promised a bunch of Vietnam vets that he’d read a book that alleges that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, among others, were responsible for keeping soldiers in Southeast Asia even after the U.S. withdrew from the region. In her new book, former venture capitalist Christine Comaford-Lynch compares Barbara Walters to a small action figure.
  21. early and often
    You Go to War With the Defense Secretary You Have And so, finally, Rumsfeld is sent packing. At a White House press conference earlier this afternoon, George Bush acknowledged that maybe the country isn’t so much liking him these days — and the country was absolutely detesting his defense secretary. It’s a day late and a dollar short — years late and untold lives short? — but Donald Rumsfeld has tendered his resignation and will be replaced by former CIA chief Robert Gates. Jon Dolan’s got his take on the announcement at Early and Often. ‘Fog of War II’ Starring Donald Rumsfeld [Early and Often]