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  1. government shutdown
    The Shutdown Is About the GOP’s Dysfunctional Family DramaIt may seem like it’s “about nothing,” but House Republicans’ unhinged, destructive feuding is more Yellowstone than Seinfeld.
  2. early and often
    With Trump’s 2024 Rivals Out, Who’s Left on His Veep List?He’s reportedly looking for a woman who’s intensely loyal to the MAGA cause. This leaves some unsettling possibilities.
  3. trump books
    The Craziest Details From Cassidy Hutchinson’s Book on the Trump White HouseThe former Trump White House aide says Rudy Giuliani groped her, Mark Meadows burned papers, and he admitted that a 2020 rally killed Herman Cain.
  4. tremendous content
    Christie Will Not Stop Trying to Make ‘Donald Duck’ HappenTrump quickly brushed off the weak debate jab. But Christie is still pushing the nickname and asserting, laughably, “I live in his head.”
  5. early and often
    Trump Is Right: Republicans Should Cancel the Next DebateGrade-school squabbles like the one we saw in Simi Valley should give way to more limited debates or none at all.
  6. counterprogramming
    Trump Tells Autoworkers ‘I Don’t Care What You Get’ in Bizarre Nonunion RallyHe went off about the danger of electric boat motors and told UAW members that they are not “picketing for the right thing.”
  7. republican debate
    Who Won (and Lost) the Second Republican DebateIt was a good night for slick con men and a bad one for everybody else.
  8. politics
    Trump Might Lose Trump Tower After Scathing Court RulingA judge found Trump and his two eldest sons liable for widespread business fraud, which could lead to the dissolution of his New York businesses.
  9. labor
    The Media Falls for Trump’s Labor LiesHis pro-worker spin has always been bogus.
  10. early and often
    The Republican Primary Is Worth Covering Even If Trump Is Crushing ItDefenders of democracy against Trump should give voters a chance to weigh in before declaring the race already over.
  11. uaw strike
    Biden’s UAW Rally Exposes the Bankruptcy of Trump’s PopulismBiden walking the picket line while Trump addresses a nonunion auto plant perfectly illustrates their parties’ distinct approaches to labor issues.
  12. labor
    The Strikes Are WorkingFrom Hollywood to Detroit, unions are telling a story that Americans need to hear.
  13. election 2024
    Trump Wants His Enemies to Fear for Their LivesThe GOP front-runner is stoking threats of violence against anyone who threatens his power. It’s working.
  14. early and often
    The Issue That’s a Bigger Problem for Biden Than His AgeRecent polls show a lot of voters look back on the Trump years as a time of relative prosperity and aren’t sold on Bidenomics.
  15. early and often
    Trump Has a Real Problem With Wounded VetsGeneral Mark Milley is but the latest to allege that Trump, as president, wanted injured service members hidden from view.
  16. uaw strike
    What Trump Gets Wrong (and Right) About the UAW StrikeThe EV transition threatens to hurt unionized autoworkers. But Biden’s policies aren’t to blame.
  17. exhibit a
    Biden Needs to Talk About the Trump Prosecutions Before It’s Too LateAnd Hunter’s own indictment gives him more credibility to defend the rule of law.
  18. on with kara swisher
    Is the Doomed Biden Talk Just Talk?Kara Swisher talks with Franklin Foer, Jen Psaki, Astead Herndon, and Alex Thompson about all the angst over the president’s recent troubles.
  19. the inside game
    The Strike From Hell for ‘Union Joe’The UAW doesn’t want his help, but he will need theirs against Trump, who sees an opportunity.
  20. the national interest
    Let’s Compare How Trump and Biden Treat Indicted Crooks on Their Own SideRepublicans won’t admit it, but Biden is respecting DOJ independence.
  21. just checking in
    So What Is Rudy Giuliani Up to These Days?Trump’s former attorney has been keeping busy by making weird videos, fighting with civilians, and battling a staggering number of legal cases.
  22. tremendous content
    Trump Is Secretly Worried About His Prison JumpsuitThough he’s insisted he doesn’t “even think about” the prospect of prison time, he’s reportedly panicking Tom Wambsgans–style in private.
  23. early and often
    Shutdown Nears As Trump Tells House GOP to Defund the GovernmentEverything Kevin McCarthy does to placate right-wing hard-liners makes a deal even harder. Trump’s advice isn’t helping.
  24. conservatism
    No, Democrats Aren’t to Blame for GOP Voters Loving TrumpA myth that won’t die.
  25. life after roe
    Trump Isn’t Moderating on Abortion, He’s Just Shifting TacticsBy criticizing six-week state limits, Trump is acknowledging that abortion bans are unpopular and returning to incrementalism on the issue.
  26. early and often
    3 Economic Risks That Could Decide the 2024 RaceBiden’s reelection may hinge on the trajectory of oil prices.
  27. early and often
    Trump Claims His Truth Social ‘Intervention’ Saved Ken PaxtonLocal politics, not social-media posts, shaped the fight over the Texas AG’s impeachment and trial. Trump took credit for the acquittal anyway.
  28. politics
    Rudy Giuliani Is Getting Sued by His Own Lawyer NowRobert Costello alleges that Giuliani has paid him and his firm only $214,000 for years of legal work.
  29. poll position
    What the Polls Say Today: Trump’s Rivals Need a New Strategy, FastAfter a string of supposedly fatal campaign missteps, Trump’s polling stronger than ever. His rivals need to realize he’s not going to self-destruct.
  30. parental rights
    Parental-Rights Extremism Is on the MarchTrump’s education proposal is a revealing document.
  31. tremendous content
    Trump Used Classified Documents As Scrap PaperA former assistant reportedly told federal investigators that Trump wrote to-do lists on them when he was president.
  32. tremendous content
    Trump Warns ‘Cognitively Impaired’ Biden May Cause ‘World War II’Days after a gaffe-filled speech in D.C., Trump continued attacking Biden’s flubs and reiterated his call for candidates to undergo cognitive tests.
  33. the national interest
    Trump Throws Anti-Abortion Activists Under the BusWhat Trump’s moderate abortion rhetoric says about the presidential race.
  34. exhibit a
    Do Liberals Think the Supreme Court Will Save Us From Trump?Because that would have to happen to disqualify him from running under the 14th Amendment.
  35. tremendous content
    Donald Trump Reveals He and Melania ‘Actually Get Along’Contrary to what Trump’s GOP rivals are saying, his wife of 18 years likes him, and he doesn’t care if she doesn’t show it.
  36. tremendous content
    Trump Defends Mental Acuity in Incoherent Truth Social PostsFiguring out what the heck he’s talking about is its own mental-fitness test.
  37. the national interest
    Republicans Already Told Us Impeachment Is Revenge for Trump“They did it to us!”
  38. tremendous content
    ‘Where’s Melania?’ Banner Is a Low-Energy Trump TauntThe only shocking thing about the attack on Trump at the Iowa college-football game is that one of his rivals thought it would humiliate him.
  39. the national interest
    Trump’s Economic Plan: Raise Taxes on the Middle Class, Cut Them on the RichRepublican populism remains extremely fake.
  40. royal rumblings
    Trump Marks Queen’s Passing by Picking a Fight With Harry & MeghanHarry tried to avoid stirring up drama on the anniversary of his grandmother’s death. He found it anyway when Trump said he’d like to debate Markle.
  41. the national interest
    Republicans Attacking Trump As ‘Unelectable’ Is Just So PatheticIt’s not only weak, it’s not even true.
  42. politics
    It Turns Out Trump Probably Didn’t Get $2.2 Billion Richer in 2014In a new court filing, Attorney General Letitia James alleges that the former president fraudulently inflated his wealth ten years in a row.
  43. tremendous content
    Trump Tries to Start Rumor That DeSantis Is Dropping OutDeSantis may be a bully, but no one beats Trump when it comes to childish intimidation tactics.
  44. trump georgia indictment
    All the Mug Shots of Donald Trump and His Alleged Co-ConspiratorsDonald Trump finally got his money shot, along with 18 co-defendants. Here are all the photos released by Georgia’s Fulton County Jail so far.
  45. early and often
    The Case(s) Against Donald TrumpIt’s hard to keep track, so we made a guide.
  46. tremendous content
    Team Trump Threatens Fellow Peddlers of Unauthorized Mug-Shot MerchDoes Trump own the rights to his mug shot? No. Did that keep his team from threatening other people profiting off the image? Absolutely not.
  47. early and often
    What the Polls Say Today: Did Skipping the Debate Hurt or Help Trump?There are conflicting findings on whether Trump lost support by avoiding the debate stage and which of his rivals benefited.
  48. the national interest
    What I Got Wrong About DeSantis vs. TrumpThe personality cult is even cultier than I had thought.
  49. trump indictment
    Trump Is Going on Trial for Election Interference During the ElectionThe trial will begin on March 4, 2024, a day before Super Tuesday.
  50. photo op
    The Art of the Mug ShotA photo that might redefine what comes to mind when we think of the word criminal.
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