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  1. sidewalk mystery
    What Exactly Is the Salvation Army?And what happens to that quarter you drop into the red kettle?
  2. PandoDaily Shames WNET Into Returning $3.5 Million Grant“We made a mistake, pure and simple.”
  3. moments of charity
    Central Park’s $100 Million Donor Won’t Get a Meadow or Even a TreeNothing in the park will bear his name.
  4. media
    Helen Gurley Brown Puts $30 Million Toward Saving JournalismThe legendary ‘Cosmo’ editor is making a huge donation to Columbia and Stanford.
  5. cable news news
    The Real Keith Olbermann ReturnsHis self-regard is still intact, and he spends an hour making references to his suspension.
  6. are you there google? it’s me margaret
    Google Donates $5 Million to Digital JournalismAnd an apology.
  7. mark zuckerberg
    Timing of Zuckerberg’s Donation Wasn’t Intentional, Says SourceThe Facebook CEO allegedly wanted to delay the announcement.
  8. donations
    Mark Zuckerberg’s Well-Timed $100 Million Donation to Newark Public SchoolsThe announcement, which will be made on ‘Oprah,’ comes a week before ‘The Social Network’ premiere.
  9. early and awful
    Fox News Is Onto Nathan Daschle’s Real AgendaSomeone wants to get on America’s most-watched news network.
  10. early and often
    Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Further Aligns Itself With the GOPPolitico: “A new step toward open identification.”